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22 Kids Who Are Totally Over Taking Their Photo With Santa

Or 22 times some family's Christmas card was ruined.

1. This little girl, who has some serious side-eye for Santa:

2. The little girl on the left, who is not being shy about her feelings on having to pose for this picture:

3. These kids who clearly put up such a struggle, their mother didn't even bother to take them out of the shopping cart:

4. Yikes! These little girls who are clearly not afraid to burst Santa's eardrums:

5. This triple team of discontent:


At least Mom and Santa look like they're having fun.

6. This little girl, pulling some The Exorcism of Emily Rose contortions to avoid Santa:

7. This little girl, who was like, "I am only agreeing to be in this photo if Santa is at least four feet away from me":

8. These two kids who are determined to test the limits of Santa's power grip:


And by the look on his face, he is ready for the challenge:

9. This little boy on the right, who is not afraid to bust out some karate moves to get out of Santa's grip:

10. This little boy, who is willing to hurt Santa in an attempt to get out of the photo:

11. This little kid, who can't even look at Santa:


While this Santa would rather not even deal.

12. These two little girls, whose cryfest just made Santa accept defeat:

13. This kid's temper tantrum definitely made this Santa question his life:

14. These four kids, who are trying their best to break this poor Santa:


Nice try, kids. Nice try.

15. These kids, who somehow managed to make Santa unhappy too:

16. This little girl, who is totally thinking, Um... you need to get your hand off me now!


17. This little girl, who just wants to be pulled out of the photo:

18. This kid, who is making a run for it while he has the chance:

19. This baby, who is questioning whether this is real or a bad dream:

20. This kid, who is smartly using the first-day-of-kindergarten-don't-leave-me-here grip on his mother to get out of this:

21. This girl, who will stop at nothing to leap dramatically from Santa’s arms:

22. And finally, this little boy, who is hoping that maybe the photographer will save him: