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22 Current Problems ’90s Kids Have

"When you wake up with the Skip-It theme stuck in your head."

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1. When you automatically enter PO Box 963, New York City, New York State,10108 into Lyft:

2. When it’s been 20 years, but the some ~deep~ questions still keep you up at night:

3. When you realize that dancing along to the Spice Girls could land you in the ER:

Sony Music

4. When you suddenly remember all those Tamagatchis you forgot to feed:

5. When you feel like you might've as well asked for a horse and buggy:

6. When you've got to explain your awesome Halloween costume to the chirruns:

7. When you think your slang is still all that and a bag of chips:

8. When you STILL think that “a black fly in your chardonnay” is ironic:

9. When you can't remember what you did yesterday, but you can remember a jingle from 25 years ago:

10. When you play "name a more iconic duo" and it turns into "who that?"

11. When you and your S.O. have fights about things that actually matter:

12. When you get a craving for a childhood favorite and then remember its been discontinued:

13. When you pinpoint the source some of your trust issues:

14. When you remind yourself that, sadly, that game of M.A.S.H. wasn't very accurate:

15. When you admit to yourself that all other men will NEVER live up to your first love:

Sony Television

16. When you've got trigger words that take you away:

17. When you cringe at something you did — decades later:

18. When you're having problems adulting and know there is only ONE person who would understand:

ABC/ Disney

19. When you come home to visit and find your valuable possessions are gone:

20. When kids fail to realize they're about to watch a classic:

21. When you're so emotionally scarred, but still hold out hope for the best:

22. And finally, every time you do this 😐:

Yup, the '90s actually ended 18 years ago.
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Yup, the '90s actually ended 18 years ago.

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