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21 Vintage Postcards Of Krampus That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Krampus sees you when you're sleeping, he knows if you've been bad or good -- and he is coming for YOU!

Krampus is a horrifying demon creature (straight out of Guillermo del Toro's nightmares) that originates from Europe's Alpine region. Each December 6, he accompanies St. Nicholas – the traditional gift-giver of Western Europe – in delivering presents to well-behaved children. But, unlike St. Nicholas, he punishes naughty children – usually by beating them and carrying them away in his sack back to his lair.

1. Using his Miley Cyrus tongue to torture this poor child.

2. This looks like a FUCKED UP version of Where the Wild Things Are.

3. Krampus having fun while dragging kids to the pits of hell...

4. ...where he tortures them, as devil babies (possibly his spawn) watch on.

5. Making a quick getaway in his sleigh -- that I assume is powered by evil.

6. He eventually upgraded to a snazzy car.

7. Making delicious cute babies soup.

8. Warning: He also kidnaps parents!

9. Wait is that a full grown man in his little basket?

10. Yeah, I don't even know what is going on here.

11. Why isn't that little girl running for her life?

12. This is just horrible....

13. ...and this is just sadistically weird.

14. Morbidly showing off the body of a child he drowned.

15. This poor little girl never saw it coming.

16. Looking strangely dapper here:

17. WOW, Krampus really has a thirst for children's blood!

18. This might not be the safest way to transport babies.

19. The plot thickens, Krampus is in cahoots with St. Nicholas.

20. They even carpool together!

21. Well, at least he has a way with the ladies.