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21 Slightly Annoying Things That Seriously Piss All Of Us Off

Nothing like coming home from the store without the one item you went there for!

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1. When you have soap on your hands and the automated faucet refuses to turn back on.

Samuraioasis / Getty Images

2. When you want to reply back, but stop texting 'cause you see the other person texting — and it seems like it's taking them a decade to compose it.

Nathan W. Pyle / BuzzFeed

3. When you realize there is no toilet paper while you're using the bathroom.

Mevans / Getty Images

4. When you're watching a TV show and one or more of the commercials are way, way louder than the actual program.

DreamWorks Pictures

5. When the person in front you in line at Starbucks gets the last of a drink you wanted.

6. When you walk onto a bus or train and there are no seats, but someone is sitting like this:


7. When the sticker on something you bought is impossible to remove.


8. When you use an eraser to correct something and this happens:


9. When you go to the store specifically for one product and it’s out of stock.

10. Or when you realize you came home with everything BUT the one item you specifically went to the store for.

Warner Bros. Television

11. When you only packed a carry-on bag because you didn’t want to check a bag in, but are forced to check-in your bag at the gate ‘cause there is no overhead bin space.

12. When you’re checking out at the store and move lines to what looks like a quicker line only to have the line you were just in start to move faster.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

13. When you’re excited to see Amazon has the product you want at a better price, but then realize it’s not on Prime.


14. When you click on a YouTube video and the commercial before it won't let you click through, even though it says you can.


15. When your WiFi works everywhere in your house except for when you're lying in bed.

16. When you see your phone is at 15% battery life, but it suddenly dies.

Cokada / Getty Images

17. When you think you've got a fire selfie, but realize you just wasted your time taking photos.


18. When you plan to sleep in 'cause you're tired AF, but end up waking up early anyways and can’t go back to sleep.


19. When someone at work microwaves their lunch and it stinks up the break room:

Qwart / Getty Images

20. When you’re just a few bucks (or sometimes cents) away from free shipping BUT can’t find one more thing you want.

21. And finally, when you throw away money like this:


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