21 Toys Everyone’s Rich Friend Had Growing Up

    Aka a list of all the things you wanted BADLY. Maybe still do?

    1. Collector Barbies

    2. My Size Barbie

    3. Giant Lego sets.

    4. A trampoline.

    5. A chest full of play/dress-up costumes.

    6. K'Nex sets.

    7. Large model train setups.

    8. A collection of Super Soakers.

    9. A collection of American Girl dolls.

    10. A giant-ass teddy bear.

    11. Marionettes

    12. A Fisher-Price Power Wheel.

    13. Playmobil toys and play sets.

    These were one of those toy brands had so many play sets and accessories for it, that it was hard to keep track of what they sold — so, it was always amazing when you'd go to your rich friend's house and discover all sorts of things you didn't know they made for Playmobil.

    14. Sylvanian Families

    15. An air hockey table.

    16. Madame Alexander Dolls

    17. Laser tag sets.

    18. Giant stuffed animals you could mount.

    19. Wooden toys

    20. More than one gaming system.

    While you had one gaming system, your rich friend got every system that was released. AND, on top of that, they got every cool AF game and accessory that was released for each system.

    21. And finally, a large wooden playhouse.