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21 Toys Everyone’s Rich Friend Had Growing Up

Aka a list of all the things you wanted BADLY. Maybe still do?

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1. Collector Barbies

While you were lucky to get one or maybe two collector Barbies, your rich friend got tons of them! And, worst of all, they got to take them out of the box and play with them!

2. My Size Barbie

Of course, they also had to have the Barbie whose clothes they could share with! The only way you got to share clothes was through your older sibling's hand-me-downs.

6. K'Nex sets.

This was one of those toys that you saw TON of commercials for, but never knew anyone who owned it. Except for your rich friend, who had so many sets that their room basically looked a like IRL RollerCoaster Tycoon.

8. A collection of Super Soakers.

Most kids were lucky if they got ONE Super Soaker! But having enough of them to have a full-on war in your backyard at the peak of summer was a rich kid thing.

12. A Fisher-Price Power Wheel.


Owning one of these was GOALS as a kid. Rich kids? They not only got one, but their siblings would get one too so that they wouldn't have to share.

13. Playmobil toys and play sets.

These were one of those toy brands had so many play sets and accessories for it, that it was hard to keep track of what they sold — so, it was always amazing when you'd go to your rich friend's house and discover all sorts of things you didn't know they made for Playmobil.

16. Madame Alexander Dolls

So these weren't really toys that were played with. They just sat on the top shelf of your rich friend's bookcase, starting down at you with their creepy eyes.

17. Laser tag sets.

Honestly they weren't as great as the ones at the laser tag place, but, you also didn't have to leave your rich friend's have to have a play session. Although, you probably had to let them win.

20. More than one gaming system.

While you had one gaming system, your rich friend got every system that was released. AND, on top of that, they got every cool AF game and accessory that was released for each system.

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