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21 Times Sofía Vergara Was Fabulous On Instagram

The lesson here is: We should all aspire to grow up to be like Sofía!

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1. The time she looked like this, AT THE BEACH:

2. The time she called this elegant spread her "afternoon snack":

3. The time she casually took a selfie and gave Gisele Bündchen a run for her money:

4. The time she ran into Lady Gaga backstage at her show and took this fabulous selfie:

5. The time she and her son took a selfie with Brad Pitt:

'Cause who wouldn't if they could!

6. The time she posted a "yes, I take a private jet" photo:

7. Which was later followed by the rarer private jet selfie:

8. The time she vacationed on a yacht while rocking one of these bathing suits:

How do you get into that?

9. The time she managed to take a selfie while applying her lipstick at the same time:

10. The time she went jewelry shopping:

11. The time she showed off her workout/twerk moves:

Move to the side, Miley. Just move to the side.

12. The time she showed us how a REAL star travels:

Never leave home without at least 150 wardrobe options.

13. The time she teased us with all these cakes:

So many delicious cakes.

14. When she showed off her New York apartment terrace:


15. The time she posed with her TWO Madame Tussauds wax statues:

16. The time she posed with just a few of the flower arrangements she got for her birthday:

Yeah, I'm sure that Edible Arrangement you got is looking pretty crappy now.

17. The time she showed off just how hard it is to get ready for an awards show:

18. The time she posted this vacation photo:

No, this isn't a photo from a Vogue photo shoot, it's just Sofía casually posing in some fab location.

19. The time she was literally all of us when trying to get a photo with Helen Mirren...

... but 'cause she is Sofía, she got her photo!

20. The time she posed with President Obama and First Lady Michelle:

No biggie, just hanging at the White House.

21. And lastly, the time she took this selfie and her eyes totally said, "Yeah, I'm hittin that and I know you're jealous":

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