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21 Times Drew Barrymore Killed The Whole Fashion Thing In The ’90s

She literally personified the 1990s.

1. The time she looked effortlessly cool and sexy while wearing men's clothing:

2. The time she channeled Cher Horowitz by wearing a satin empire-waist dress and patent leather shoes:

3. The time she looked Delia's-catalog cool in her skater-inspired outfit:

4. The time she brought vampy glamour to the 1995 VMAs:

5. The time she accessorized her look with an oh-so-trendy choker:

6. The time she managed to still look chic while wearing baggy clothes:

7. The time she made the whole vest look work:

8. The time she looked awesome in the late '90s sheer top trend:

9. The time she looked fierce while wearing a velvet cheetah-print coat:

10. The time she walked the fine line between feminine and grungy:

11. The time she looked polished in her 1940s-inspired outfit:

12. The time she rocked the shit out of the little black (satin, of course) dress:

13. The time she looked flawless in every late '90s girl's dream prom dress:

14. The time she did the whole boho thing before it even existed:

15. The time she looked badass even while wearing a polka dot and rose printed blouse:

16. The time she showed up to the Reservoir Dogs premiere wearing Daisy Dukes:

17. The time she totally owned secretary style:

18. The time she showed up to the Batman Forever premiere wearing two thrift store slip dresses:

19. The time she brought out her inner hippie child by wearing flowers in her hair to the Oscars.

20. The time she rocked some serious black patent platforms:

21. And finally, the time she epitomized '90s style by wearing a vest, cutoffs, and a seriously awesome fanny pack: