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21 Insults On "The Golden Girls" That Were Straight-Up Savage

Thank you for being a...friend?

1. When Sophia gave some good advice — served with a LARGE side of shade:

2. When Dorothy pointed out that the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree:

3. When Blanche was having NONE of Rose's optimistic attitude:

4. When Sophia quickly put a damper on Blanche's seduction:

5. When Dorothy got REAL about caring for Sophia:

6. When Sophia thanked Blanche in her own special way:

7. When Sophia took an opportunity to burn Dorothy on her way to a date:

8. And when she took an opportunity to burn Dorothy when just asking a question:

9. When Sophia drew this comparison:

10. When one of Blanche's stories was too much, even for Dorothy:

11. When Sophia knew Rose, Dorothy, and Blanche's real worth:

12. When Sophia issued this harsh jab:

13. When Sophia was happy to point out her love life did NOT include contracting chlamydia or gonorrhea:

14. When Rose called out Blanche on how she likes to party:

15. When Dorothy was having NONE of Blanche's nonsense:

16. When Rose admitted she was partially wrong:

17. When Blanche ALMOST paid a compliment to Rose:

18. When Rose offered Dorothy some words of support:

19. When Dorothy wasn't afraid to be brutally honest about Blanche's awkward childhood stage:

20. When Sophia pointed out that Dorothy's sex life was nothing to write home about:

21. And finally, when Dorothy savagely called out Blanche's bald-faced lie: