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21 Questions You Might Have To Answer As The Last Living Members Left Of The 20th Century

Reddit users, born between 1980-1999, were asked what they thought would be the most common questions, from young people, when they are the last living members left of the 20th century. The results are hilarious and also a bit upsetting.

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1. Life before text messaging:

2. Or worse yet, life before cell phones:

3. Explaining what a CD is and where to get them:

4. The stress of having to share a dial-up modem with your home phone line:

5. Explaining what a DVD is:

6. And you're probably already explaining what VHS is:

7. How smoking pot was illegal:

8. One question you'll never forget the answer to:

9. Why this was the scariest thing ever:

10. Using the right words to explain the deliciousness of Surge:

11. How a floppy disk worked:


13. Every cartoon you ever loved:

14. Questionable haircuts:

15. And really questionable fashion choices:

16. Tastes in music (or lack thereof):

17. Can you explain it now?

18. How porn on television was a thing:

19. How did you ever maintain a relationship before Facebook:

20. But they will know what Pokémon is. Right? Hopefully?

21. Why you won't SHUT UP about the '90s:

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