21 Roommates Who Got Really Passive-Aggressive With Their Notes

    Honestly, Post-it should create a passive-aggressive sticky notes collection, it'd make a killing!

    1. This person's note telling their roommate to be more quiet during sex:

    2. This flowchart someone made to gently remind their roommates to do their dishes:

    3. This person who made a piece of toast into the angry bossy roommate:

    4. This reminder that the TP needs to be replaced:

    5. This person who knows how to get their roommate's attention:

    6. This person who is trying to prevent a roach infestation:

    7. This ~sweet~ Valentine's Day reminder about washing dishes:

    8. This person who reminded their roommates that social media brings the receipts:

    9. This person who drew this comic to remind their roommates that dryer fires are a thing:

    10. This person who made this apt comparison:

    11. This person who let their roommates know they fixed the shower drain:

    12. This person who had a sassy response to a simple courtesy:

    13. This person who wrote a nursery rhyme on the proper etiquette of using a toilet:

    14. This "table" that was tired of being dirty:

    15. This "garbage can" that just wanted to be emptied out:

    16. This "Brita" that wants to refilled (eternal struggle, TBH):

    17. This person who wanted to remind their roommates' to be quiet:

    18. This person who was tired of finding their roommates shit in the toilet:

    19. This person who made sure to clearly label their Diet Cokes:

    20. This roommate who got called the fuck out:

    21. And finally, this person who got creative with the pubes their roommate leaves in the bedroom: