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21 Hilariously Awful Christmas Cake Fails

What would a holiday party be without at least one creepy looking Santa cake?!

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1. Santa looks both very drunk and constipated:

2. I don't know if this is supposed to be a passed out drunken Santa or a turkey in Santa drag?

3. A decapitated Mickey Mouse swimming in his own blood is an interesting design choice for the holidays:

4. Make up your mind, are we supposed to be merry or not?


5. Gross, who builds a snowman out of yellow snow (aka peed on snow)?

6. I admire that this decorator who thought, "Fuck it, I'll turn this Valentine's Day heart mold upside down and no one will be able to tell it isn't a tree!"

7. The ghost of Santa looks worried:


8. Wow, Santa really let himself go:

9. This yule log looks like a different kind of log:

10. I'm glad they put a warning, but really, who in the hell decorates a cake with real Christmas lightbulbs?!

11. This Christmas lightbulb decorated cake doesn't even need a warning, that demented-looking reindeer is reason enough not to eat the cake:

12. This cake is clearly having a holiday identity crisis:

Or maybe it's trying to be a Chrismukkah cake?

Or maybe it's trying to be a Chrismukkah cake?

13. This is just too depressing for words:

Why is it crying? WHY???

Why is it crying? WHY???

14. A "merry hoohoo" to you too?!

15. Is this supposed to be a pissed off cat wearing a Santa hat?

16. Yikes! This is like a gingerbread man you would see during an acid-trip come to life:

17. I see the Cowardly Lion and a sad Snowman with pubes:

18. This Grinch looks more like a knock-off Oscar the Grouch wearing a red beret:

19. It looks like there was room for both messages:

20. Jeez, this creepy gingerbread man looks like it is straight out Tim Burton's nightmare:

21. Speaking of nightmare, this cake will definitely haunt your dreams for years:

Merry Christmas and sleep tight!

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