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17 Things You Did And Cared About In 2005 That You Would Never Do Today

Remember when there was NOTHING worse than getting a "burn error" while making a mix CD?

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5. Rushing to Blockbuster early on Fridays to make sure you could rent a copy of the newest release.

Craig Mitchelldyer / Getty Images

There was nothing worse than going to rent a movie and it not being there.


9. Getting excited about burning a mix CD for some sort of occasion (like a road trip).

Of course, nothing ruined this more than getting the dreaded "encountered an error while burning" message 99% into burning the CD.

10. Finding the LiveJournals of people you went to school with and secretly reading them. And getting excited every time they posted a new entry.

12. Labeling every guy who cared even just a little bit about his appearance a "metrosexual."

Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

"OMG, I saw Tony buying Bioré Pore Strips, he such a David Beckham."


17. And finally, taking selfies for the sole purpose of updating your Myspace profile.

Tom Hardy's MySpace profile #neverforget

Seriously, Myspace selfies were the only reason we took selfies!