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17 Things You Did And Cared About In 2005 That You Would Never Do Today

Remember when there was NOTHING worse than getting a "burn error" while making a mix CD?

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2. Arguing with someone about being either Team Jolie or Team Aniston.

People always seemed to have WAY too strong opinions about what happened.

4. Worrying about going over your cell phone minutes.

20th Century Fox / Via fuckyeahdevilwearsprada.tumblr.com

"Dude, I am sorry, but you can't use my cell phone, I am almost over my minutes for the month! As it is I've already gone over my texting limit!"

5. Rushing to Blockbuster early on Fridays to make sure you could rent a copy of the newest release.

Craig Mitchelldyer / Getty Images

There was nothing worse than going to rent a movie and it not being there.

8. Using the TV Guide Channel to find out what's on.

TV Guide Channel / Via logos.wikia.com

Of course, sometimes you just ended up watching the TV Guide Channel instead of actually looking for something to watch.

9. Getting excited about burning a mix CD for some sort of occasion (like a road trip).

Of course, nothing ruined this more than getting the dreaded "encountered an error while burning" message 99% into burning the CD.

10. Finding the LiveJournals of people you went to school with and secretly reading them. And getting excited every time they posted a new entry.

12. Labeling every guy who cared even just a little bit about his appearance a "metrosexual."

Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

"OMG, I saw Tony buying Bioré Pore Strips, he such a metrosexual...like David Beckham."

15. Covering your arms with as many LiveStrong bracelets — and all the colors and causes that came after — as you could.

17. And finally, taking selfies for the sole purpose of updating your Myspace profile.

Tom Hardy's MySpace profile #neverforget

Seriously, Myspace selfies were the only reason we took selfies!

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