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    Posted on Oct 14, 2015

    17 Things You Did And Cared About In 2005 That You Would Never Do Today

    Remember when there was NOTHING worse than getting a "burn error" while making a mix CD?

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    1. Printing out MapQuest directions.

    MapQuest / Via

    The worst part was forgetting to choose the black-and-white color selection before printing and wasting all that color ink on ads.

    2. Arguing with someone about being either Team Jolie or Team Aniston.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images
    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    People always seemed to have WAY too strong opinions about what happened.

    3. Wanting to dress head to toe in Abercrombie & Fitch.

    Tim Boyle / Getty Images

    Flared pre-distressed jeans with an A&F graphic tee was the LOOK.

    4. Worrying about going over your cell phone minutes.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    "Dude, I am sorry, but you can't use my cell phone, I am almost over my minutes for the month! As it is I've already gone over my texting limit!"

    5. Rushing to Blockbuster early on Fridays to make sure you could rent a copy of the newest release.

    Craig Mitchelldyer / Getty Images

    There was nothing worse than going to rent a movie and it not being there.

    6. Being upset that Blink-182 broke up.

    Universal Music / Via

    "wiLL MuSIc eVEr bE ThE SAmE aGaIN?" —you in 2005

    7. Lugging around a portable DVD player whenever you traveled.

    Yoshikazu Tsuno / AFP / Getty Images

    And being happy if it got three and half hours of playtime.

    8. Using the TV Guide Channel to find out what's on.

    TV Guide Channel / Via

    Of course, sometimes you just ended up watching the TV Guide Channel instead of actually looking for something to watch.

    9. Getting excited about burning a mix CD for some sort of occasion (like a road trip).

    Of course, nothing ruined this more than getting the dreaded "encountered an error while burning" message 99% into burning the CD.

    10. Finding the LiveJournals of people you went to school with and secretly reading them. And getting excited every time they posted a new entry.

    LiveJournal / Via

    You probably created a fake account just to spy on them.

    11. Having to have the latest digital camera.

    Nikon / Via

    "Yeah, this camera is better than yours — it's 5 megapixels!!!"

    12. Labeling every guy who cared even just a little bit about his appearance a "metrosexual."

    Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

    "OMG, I saw Tony buying Bioré Pore Strips, he such a David Beckham."

    13. Putting cryptic song lyrics in your AIM profile just for attention.

    AOL / Via Candace Lowry for BuzzFeed

    "Everybody, can't you tell I am ~sad~?"

    14. Having a section of your buddy list dedicated to people you NEVER talked to but loved to stalk.

    AOL / Via

    Mainly it was just your crushes.

    15. Covering your arms with as many LiveStrong bracelets — and all the colors and causes that came after — as you could.


    Even if you didn't know what they stood for, it made you seem like you cared.

    16. Being jealous of anyone with a Razr.


    Somehow it made every other phone look prehistoric.

    17. And finally, taking selfies for the sole purpose of updating your Myspace profile.

    Tom Hardy's MySpace profile #neverforget

    Seriously, Myspace selfies were the only reason we took selfies!

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