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    35 Very, Very Random Things That Will Make You Say, "It's Been A Minute Since I Thought About That"

    "Oh wow, I completely forgot about that!" —You, reading this post

    1. Flip phones that had an antenna you needed to pull out:

    Katey Sagal talking on a flip phone on a red carpet

    2. Bluetooth earpieces that were basically the size of your entire ear:

    Man talking on a early model Bluetooth

    3. For Dummies instructional books:

    A "MacBook for Dummies" book featuring a hand typing on a keyboard on the cover

    4. The Apple Store having large displays for the iTunes Music Store all over the store (and songs costing 99 cents):

     A display for Apple's iTunes Music Store in a Apple Store in Emeryville, California in 2003

    5. The Pepsi promotion that gave away free iTunes downloads:

    Screenshot from the commercial of the Pepsi logo next to the words ""

    6. Paul Frank T-shirts:

    A brown T-shirt with a cartoon monkey head on it

    7. Mango from SNL

    Chris Kattan as Mango in a robe sitting in a chair while talking on a cell phone

    8. History Channel shows that sprung up because of the popularity of The Da Vinci Code:

    A title card for "Beyond the Da Vinci Code"

    9. The CD department at Borders:

    Brown wooden shelves holding CDs

    10. Winamp players:

    A winamp player on a computer screen

    11. The window displays at The Disney Store — that only had character statues in it and never changed:

    A Mickey, Goofy, Minnie, and Pluto statue waving to people in a living room window display

    12. Kudos:

    A book of variety pack Kudos

    13. The Fantanas from the Fanta commercials:

    The Fantanas singing while holding Fantas

    14. Bumpits

    A screenshot of a Bumpit from the commercial

    15. Philadelphia Cheesecake Snack Bars:

    A product shot of a box of Strawberry Cheesecake Philadelphia Cheesecake Snack Bars

    16. Portable DVD players:

    A portable DVD player opened and playing a Disney movie

    17. These creepy Filet-O-Fish spring riders at McDonald's PlayPlaces:

     A photo of a cartoon looking Filet-O-Fish spring rider

    18. Multi-disc CD player boom boxes that even came with remotes:

    A silver 3-CD player boombox from the late '90s

    19. These projectors:

    A projector on a desk in front of a wood paneled wall

    20. The Education Connection commercial jingle:

    A screenshot of woman holding a diploma and standing next to letters that say "Make $25,000 more

    21. Car stereo systems that looked like this:

    A car stereo player from the early 2000s that has blue computer graphics on it

    22. Headphone radios like this:

    Sony headphones that has a holder that goes over the ears and behind the back of the head

    23. Blockbuster's "No more late fees" campaign:

    A screenshot of crowd in front of Blockbuster store with a sign that is being put up that says "No More Late Fees"

    24. Cinn-A-Burst gum:

    A red package of Cinn-A-Burst gum

    25. This "Original Britney" T-shirt:

    A pink T-shirt featuring Britney from the Chipmunks from the '80s with a "original Britney" written on it

    26. New Year's glasses from the 2000s that used the double zeroes as the lens part:

    Three teen girl wearing 2005 New Years glasses

    27. Sassy holographic stickers that were sold in vending machines:

    A collection of stickers

    28. These Liquid Ice Breakers:

    Liquid Ice Breakers in a blue packaging

    29. The Family Guy ringtones you would buy from Jamster:

    A screenshot of the Jamster commercial showing where to text and Peter Griffen dancing in the screen of a flip phone

    30. Groovy Chick products:

    A pink mini-backpack featuring Groovy Girl on it

    31. iPod socks:

    iPod socks on display on the shelf

    32. TBS shows that started at five minutes after the hour and the half-hour:

    A screenshot of for a commercial for TBS' "Dinner & Movie" series which started at 8:05 pm

    33. The Best Buy mascot that was basically the Best Buy store logo:

    The Best Buy mascot dancing in a parking lot with a Santa hat on

    34. Hollister stores that had this exterior design:

    Hollister store with a Spanish beach house design

    35. And lastly, the Burger King commercial with the King singing a parody of "Baby Got Back," but featuring SpongeBob SquarePants and titled "SpongeBob Got Back":

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