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    30 Things That Were Extremely Cool 10 Years Ago But Are Super Cringey Today

    Back when you were scared to log on to Facebook because of FarmVille invites.

    1. Buying a bunch of Twilight merch from Hot Topic:

    The inside of a Hot Topic store with a display shelf full of Twilight merchandise
    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    2. Taking mirror selfies like this (complete with shutter shades) and uploading them to Photobucket:

    Photo of a girl taking a mirror selfing wearing shutter shades and pointing the camera in front of her face toward the mirror

    3. Changing your profile pic to something like this:

    Spongebob with diamond grillz and a huge chain

    4. Uploading onto Facebook EVERY photo you took at a party or while out:

    Screenshot of the Photo Upload section on Facebook

    5. Lying about your life on LiveJournal to make yourself sound more interesting:

    The LiveJournal logo which features a blue pencil doodling on a blue background

    6. Convincing people that the iPhone was worth the money by showing them that one app where it looks like you're drinking a beer:

    Screenshot of iBeer app featuring a man drinking what looks like a frothy beer out of his iPhone

    7. Or the one app that made it look like you were swinging a light saber:

    Screenshot of Lightsaber app section that allowed you to customize your own lightsaber

    And that one app where it looked as if you had a lighter:

    Photo of an iPhone with a Zippo lighter over the entire screen

    8. Or arguing with your friends that the iPhone wasn't worth it because you didn't want to lose your BlackBerry BBM conversations:

    A photo of hand holding a BlackBerry
    Ethan Miller / Getty Images

    9. And, of course, bragging about your Brick Breaker score:

    A screenshot of the Brick Breaker game

    10. Having a mini meltdown because Internet Explorer crashed:

    A screenshot of a crash Internet Explorer page

    11. Arguing passionately over whether pirates could beat ninjas in a fight:

    A flag featuring a Pirate Ninja logo and Pirate vs. Ninjas written over it

    12. Buying bootleg DVDs 'cause you couldn't wait for a new movie to be released officially on DVD:

    A hand holding several bootleg DVDs
    David Greedy / Getty Images

    13. Bragging about the DVDs you had in your Netflix queue:

    An old Netflix DVD queue from the 2009

    14. Quoting that one Starburst Berries and Cream commercial over and over:

    A man dressed as Tom Thumb
    Starburst /

    15. And quoting Borat A LOT:

    20th Century Fox

    16. Randomly yelling, "Leave Britney alone!" while having a conversation:

    Chris Crocker under a sheet crying under a sheet
    Chris Crocker

    17. Just posting the most ridiculous shit on Facebook:

    Facebook post of someone talking about how much they like Raisin Bran
    Facebook status about being outside

    18. Thinking that Chuck Norris jokes were the be-all and end-all of comedy:

    A meme of Chuck Norris of him holding guns with "Santa Claus was real...until he forgot my present" written on it

    19. Thinking that typing like this was the coolest:

    20. Thinking that it was funny to rickroll your friends:

    Sony Music

    21. Leaving a fake outgoing voicemail greeting that sounded as if you had picked up your phone but couldn't hear the person on the other end:

    A photo of a woman looking confused on a phone
    Getty Images

    22. Using laser pointers all the time to bug your friends:

    A photo of man shinning his laser pointer on the street at night
    Marius Hepp / Getty Images

    23. Talking about Michael Phelps's diet like six times a day:

    A screen shot of a man looking at a bunch of junk food

    24. Taking pictures with that one awful Photo Booth filter:

    25. Harassing everyone on Facebook with like 14 "LOST PHONE, NEED NUMBERS" groups:

    26. Watching full-length movies that cost tens of millions of dollars to make on an iPod with a 2-inch screen:

    A finger pushing the forward button an iPod Mini that is playing a Disney Movie

    27. Having your cellphone ringer on at full volume and having some Top 40 song as your ringtone:

    Fox Television

    28. Yelling, "DON'T TASE ME, BRO!" in public:

    A man lifting his arms while being held down by cops
    GainesvilleSun /

    29. Sharing memes about all the times Christian Bale and Kermit the Frog were basically twins:

    A photo of Christian Bale driving a car and a photo of Kermit the Frog driving a car
    Sony Picture Classics / Henson

    30. And finally, sending out FarmVille invites to your friends and family:

    A screenshot of the FarmVille game
    Gametrack /