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25 Very Specific 2000s Things That Millennials Haven't Thought About In 10 Years Or Maybe Even Longer

Remember when you needed like seven CD-ROMs to install one game onto your PC?

1. Walking into a Hot Topic and having the entire front half of the store be filled with Twilight merch:

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

2. When you'd install a game onto your PC and it required four or more discs for just ONE basic game:

A open case for the Sims 2 containing four CD-roms.

3. Crossing Over With John Edward — which would always creep you out whenever he'd communicate with a dead relative of someone in his audience:

A screengrab of John Edwards in leather jacket on the set of "Crossing Over with John Edward"
John Edward /

4. The flat EarPods that came with iPods:

Picture of an iPod Nano, an iTunes Music Card, and iPod headphones on top of the keyboards of Macbook.
Robert Sullivan / Getty Images

5. iPod socks, which always seemed like the flimsiest protection for your precious player:

A row of iPod Socks on the shelf of an Apple Store.
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

6. iPod transmitters that never really ever worked:

A white iTrip iPod transmitter.

7. Hilary Duff's Stuff clothing line, which she sold through Target:

Hilary Duff in a pink poncho standing in front of a rack of her Stuff clothing at a Target in 2004.
Michael Caulfield Archive / WireImage

8. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's clothing line that they had at Walmart:

Tony Bock / Getty Images

9. The two or three "Geek Squad" Volkswagen Beetles you would always see parked in front of Best Buy whenever you'd go there:

A black and white Geek Squad Volkswagen Beetle parked outside a Best Buy.
Tim Boyle / Getty Images

10. Linens 'n Things, which was the other store your mom would go to when she couldn't find what she was looking for at Bed Bath & Beyond:

Brian Brainerd / Getty Images

11. Microsoft's Zune player, which your one friend who owned one would always tout 'cause you could share music through "tapping":

A brown Zune player on it's side playing a video.
Handout / Getty Images

12. Cellphones that supported iTunes — which was a big sell before the iPhone existed:

Girl holding a Motorola phone with iTunes on home screen on it.
Michael Stephens–PA Images / Getty Images

13. Abercrombie & Fitch's upscale sister store, Ruehl No. 925, which — aside from managing somehow to be darker inside than both A&F and Hollister — sold basically the exact same clothes:

A very dark interior of a hallway of a Ruehl No. 925 store.

14. Sarah Jessica Parker as the spokesperson for the Gap, and the delightful commercials she did for them:

A screengrab of a Sarah Jessica Parker in a commercial for the Gap.
Gap Inc.

15. P. Diddy as the spokesperson for Proactiv, and claiming that it would "moisturize my situation and preserve my sexy":

A screengrab of P. Diddy in the Proactiv commercial.

16. How EVERYONE was doing Sudoku puzzles:

A stock image of a person doing a Sudoku puzzle.
Medlar / Getty Images

17. Da Vinci Code mania and all the History Channel specials it inspired:

A bookstore window front displaying The Da Vinci Code.
Tim Sloan / Getty Images

18. When 7-Eleven stores around the country were converted into Kwik-E-Marts to promote The Simpsons Movie...

A exterior of a 7-Eleven store converted in a Kwik-E-Mart with a cardboard Milhouse and  Bart sitting on the roof.
David Mcnew / Getty Images

19. ...and the food products seen on The Simpsons that you could buy inside them:

A shelf inside a 7-Eleven selling Krusty O's and Buzz Cola.
Michael Nagle / Getty Images

20. Emeril Lagasse and the "BAM!" catchphrase he would say on Emeril Live:

A screengrab of Emeril Lagasse standing behind a stove on the set of Emeril Live.
Food Network

21. Those portable DVD players that you would attach to the backs of car seats:

A portable screen attached to the back of the drivers seat.
dial2fast /

22. The tickets you would have to get and take to the front counter in order to buy a video game at Toys "R" Us:

An empty video games aisle at Toys "R" Us.

23. The branded microwave popcorn that Blockbuster had in its checkout line (that everyone ended up buying):

A popped bag of Blockbuster microwave popcorn.

24. Livestrong bracelets in this plastic packaging — that were usually put in large, clear bowls at the checkout counters of Foot Lockers:

A LiveStrong bracelet in the clear package.
Robbin Goddard / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

25. And, finally, those Girls Gone Wild commercials that played at midnight (usually on MTV, E!, and Comedy Central):

A screengrab of girl flashing the screen and being covered by two large DVD cases in a "Girls Gone Wild" commerical.
Girls Gone Wild

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