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    22 Things From The 2000s That Will Give Anyone Serious Flashbacks

    Not going to lie, Disney Channel stars' fashions in the 2000s were a serve.

    Earlier today, Reddit user u/VentSauxe asked the AskReddit community: "What gives you 2000s nostalgia?"

    Disney Channel

    And, of course, lots of people chimed in with the things that take them back to that iconic decade. Here are some of the best responses that will totally be a Heelys skate down memory lane:

    1. "Watching George Lopez on Nick at Nite."

    2. "iPods with click wheels"

    Samantha Sin / Getty Images

    3. "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater"



    "Or just skating in general. In my teens during the early 2000s, me and all my friends used to skate. Now I only have one acquaintance who still skates. I don't know why, but it's slightly depressing seeing him skate now that we are in our thirties, probably because it reminds me of our youth that is slowly growing more distant."


    4. "Old-school RuneScape. No matter how big it gets, it just won't be the same as it was in 2006."

    5. "The smell of that very specific plastic that jelly shoes are made of. Something about the smell of that clear plastic really brings me back to being a kid."

    Anthony Douanne / Getty Images

    6. "Good Charlotte"

    James Devaney / WireImage

    7. "Custom animated mouse cursors and obnoxious wallpaper on websites and little Midi Players with a random pop song."

    8. "Having a computer room."

    Fairfax Media / Getty Images

    9. "The O.C."

    Warner Bros / Everett Collection

    10. "Destiny’s Child is major 2000s vibe for me."

    Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic, Inc / Getty Images

    11. "CRT TVs. I remember me and my girlfriend at the time used to watch her 21-inch TV from across her bedroom."

    Easy_asa / Getty Images

    "Which only had four channels (they didn't have cable in her house and here in Norway you only had four channels via antenna). God, we used to squint our eyes at that TV and spend lots of hours bored because there was nothing on. I'm glad the world of TVs and TV entertainment has evolved on to where we are today."


    12. "Disney stars wearing a skirt over jeans, a T-shirt over long sleeve shirt, or camisole over T-shirt; unnecessary layers of bright-colored clothes."

    Amanda Edwards / Getty Images, Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    13. "Butterfly hair clips"

    14. "Arthur. I know it didn’t come out in the 2000s. But I watched in the 2000s and [it] really takes me back to that time."

    PBS/Courtesy Everett Collection

    15. "Linkin Park and Eminem. The peak sound of 2000s."

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images, Mick Hutson / Redferns

    16. "LimeWire"

    17. "Gotta love the Wii."

    Yoshikazu Tsuno / Getty Images

    18. "Bionicles. LEGO pushed that so hard in their monthly magazines that the lore became just as great as getting new sets."

    19. "The first three Guitar Hero games."

    Marsaili Mcgrath

    20. "Motorola Razr hype."

    Jun Sato / Getty Images

    21. "Movies staring Josh Hartnett or Orlando Jones."

    Miramax, Buena Vista

    22. "My Blockbuster card that’s still in my wallet. Ours closed around 2007."

    You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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