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    35 Random Forgotten 2000s Things That Live Within The Deep Recesses Of Our Minds

    Things that live rent-free and hidden in your mind.

    1. The Jamster commercial that featured the super annoying singing rabbit:

    Jamster rabbit holding a rabbit with Text "Love to: 655 55" written below it

    2. Blank CDs that were made to look like 45 rpm vinyl records:

    Hand holding a blank CD that looks like vinyl with a blue label

    3. Printed out track lists for mix CDs you would make for your friends:

    A printed out list of a 19 track mix CD

    4. CD label applicators:

    A hand putting a blank CD onto a label applicator

    5. Catherine Zeta-Jones as the spokesperson for T-Mobile:

    Screenshot of the T-Mobile logo with a square photo of Catherine Zeta-Jones and get more written next to her

    6. The Windows Media Player that had different skins and the most mesmerizing screensavers:

    A windows media player on a desktop screen that looks like a green human head

    7. This photo everyone on Myspace took at some point in order to make more friends:

    A pair of hand holding a paper with "my 'salute' Friend ID = 594758"

    8. Mirror selfies with the flash going off:

    Tom from Myspace taking a selfie with a mirror

    9. Target stores that had red carpet almost everywhere:

    A shopper walking past a kids section
    David Butow / Getty Images

    10. Slim camera cases that not only protected your camera, but also allowed you to carry the charger and extra memory cards in it:

    A baby blue camera case shown both open with a camera inside and also closed

    11. Verizon's "Can you hear me now?" commercials:

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    12. The blonde wooden bookshelves inside of Borders:

    People sitting in chairs surround by bookshelves in a Borders
    The Sydney Morning Herald / Getty Images

    13. Talk Sex with Sue Johanson — which you had to watch with one finger on the remote control in case your parents walked in:

    Sue sitting at her desk with Talk Sex logo on a TV behind her

    14. Cellphones that had the "chirping" feature:

    A yellow flip phone

    15. The CD kiosks inside the Virgin Megastore and Tower Records:

    A man listening to Aaliyah's "Aaliyah" album at the kiosk at a Virgin Megastore
    Getty Images

    16. The kids section at the Apple Store with the giant iMacs:

    Three kids sitting at a small desk with four iMacs in front of them
    Greg Mathieson / The LIFE Images Collection via G

    17. And iPods that came in those giant cube boxes:

    A 40GB iPod being bought at the Apple Store
    Medianews Group / Getty Images

    18. The screensaver section on Windows XP:

    19. The warning that aired before Jackass episodes:

    The warning logo for Jackass featuring a skull with crutches as cross bones

    20. The questionable photoshop job you would do to photos whenever you fixed "red eye" (usually it resulted in just two giant black dots instead of pupils):

    A close-up photo of eyes with the the red from the flash being covered by black with photo shop

    21. The mini-TV-DVD combos that would play infomercials on the end-caps at Bed Bath & Beyond:

    Merchandise display inside Bed Bath and Beyond with a TV on the top of it
    Jeff Greenberg / Universal Images Group via Getty

    22. And the collector box sets and big nature sounds CD displays inside of Bed Bath & Beyond:

    People in front a CD display inside a Bed Bath & Beyond
    Rj Sangosti / Getty Images

    23. The random original programming that would air on the TV Guide Channel:

    24. Pepsi's iTunes free music giveaway:

    A Pepsi bottle with the iTunes contest on the label

    25. FunnyJunk, which was your pre-YouTube video source:

    FunnyJunk yellow webpage

    26. The original '50s TV set–inspired YouTube logo:

    27. Blockbuster's microwave popcorn (which you and your family would always end up getting a bag or two of when renting videos):

    A bag of Blockbuster popcorn

    28. MTV's fake boy band, 2gether:

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    29. The TiVo mascot:

    A TiVo logo is seen on a monitor at a Best Buy store
    Tim Boyle / Getty Images

    30. Madonna as a children's book author (she wrote The English Roses):

    Madonna holding a copy of The English Roses
    Kmazur / WireImage

    31. Vince saying "everyone loves my nuts" *cringe* in the commercial for Slap Chop:

    Vince talking towards the camera wearing a headpiece and a blue Slap Chop apron

    32. The mutant Quiznos hamsters that were just horrifying:


    33. Jessica Simpson as the spokesperson for Proactiv:

    A screen shot of Jessica Simpson talking from the Proactiv commercial
    Red Mountain Retro/

    34. Nintendogs — which made you feel so responsible:

    Meme of Nintendo DS and a dog with RIP to all the Nintendogs who haven't been fed since 2007 written above it

    35. And finally, the scary AF anti-DVD piracy PSA that played before movies that basically made you feel like you were going to jail if you just saw a bootleg DVD on the street:

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