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    37 Extremely Random Things From The 2000s You Definitely Forgot About

    You'll probably be saying, "I miss this time," while reading this.

    1. On the Line, the rom-com that starred Lance Bass and Joey Fatone from NSYNC:

    Photo of Lance and Joey talking to two other guys in On the Line

    2. The Girls Gone Wild infomercial that played late at night and featured Real World cast members:

    Screenshot that says: The following is a paid program for Girls Gone Wild

    3. Los Lonely Boys' "Heaven"...

    Screenshot of Lonely Boys performing in a church

    4. ...and Sting's "Desert Rose," which used to be played nonstop:

    Screenshot of Sting in the back of a car filming with a video camera out the window

    5. Flip phones that had an antenna you needed to pull out:

    Katey Sagal talking on a flip phone on a red carpet

    6. For Dummies instructional books:

    A "MacBook for Dummies" book featuring a hand typing on a keyboard on the cover

    7. The weird Spider-Man commercial for Hardee's/Carl's Jr. (would Spidey really ditch MJ for a burger?!):

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    8. Apple's Genius Bar that featured black and white photos of old famous celebs, scientists, athletes, etc.:

    Photo of people sitting at a Genius Bar

    9. The Pepsi promotion that gave away free iTunes downloads:

    Screenshot from the commercial of the Pepsi logo next to the words ""

    10. Expensive iPod cases that cost almost as much as an iPod:

    A Coach iPod case

    11. Happy Bunny T-shirts:

    A blue T-shirt with a bunny on it that with "I'm not spoiled. I deserve all my stuff" written on it

    12. Debbie Downer from SNL:

    Debbie Downer at a party making a face

    13. And SNL's "The Ambiguously Gay Duo" (who were voiced by Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell):

    Screenshot of Ace holding a phallic crystal while Gary looks on

    14. History Channel shows that sprung up because of the popularity of The Da Vinci Code:

    A title card for "Beyond the Da Vinci Code"

    15. The magazine racks at Borders that had bright fluorescent under lighting:

    Workers pushing books with a magazine rack in the background

    16. The signs that Borders would put up to announce authors who were coming in for signings:

    Borders sign that says storytime and singing with Tina Louise

    17. Taking selfies with flip phones:

    Samantha Mumba taking a selfie with a flip phone

    18. The Family Guy ringtones you would buy from Jamster:

    A screenshot of the Jamster commercial showing where to text and Peter Griffen dancing in the screen of a flip phone

    19. Winamp players:

    A winamp player on a computer screen

    20. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's tween line that they sold at Walmart:

    A box for Mary-Kate and Ashely brand caller-ID telephone

    21. Encarta CD-Roms (which was always a lifesaver):

    Microsoft Encarta 2000 DVD

    22. Got Milk? ads:

    Got Milk? ad featuring the cast of High School Musical

    23. The Education Connection commercial jingle:

    A screenshot of woman holding a diploma and standing next to letters that say "Make $25,000 more

    24. And the Lionel train alarm clock commercial that played NONSTOP:

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    Analog Memories/

    25. Bumpits:

    A screenshot of a Bumpit from the commercial

    26. Groovy Chick products:

    A pink mini-backpack featuring Groovy Girl on it

    27. Philadelphia Cheesecake Snack Bars:

    A product shot of a box of Strawberry Cheesecake Philadelphia Cheesecake Snack Bars

    28. Blockbuster's "No more late fees" campaign (which was a last-ditch effort to compete with Netflix):

    A screenshot of crowd in front of Blockbuster store with a sign that is being put up that says "No More Late Fees"

    29. Portable DVD players:

    A portable DVD player opened and playing a Disney movie

    30. The Producers being the biggest show around:

    31. Multi-disc CD player boom boxes that even came with remotes:

    A silver 3-CD player boombox from the late '90s

    32. Soda logos that looked like this on vending machines:

    Vending machine showing different sodas

    33. The iPod dog — that everyone wanted at some point:

    The iPod dog

    34. TBS's delightful Dinner & Movie:

    A screenshot of for a commercial for TBS' "Dinner & Movie" series which started at 8:05 pm

    35. MTV's Rich Girls:

    Logo for Rich Girls

    36. And MTV's Date My Mom (which was the most awkward dating show):

    A mom standing next to her son

    37. And finally, the super-annoying HeadOn commercial:

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