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    Updated on Aug 6, 2020. Posted on Aug 6, 2020

    21 Childhood Moments That Almost Every Single Kid Experienced In The 2000s

    Back when the worst thing that could happen to you was scratching your mix CD.

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    1. Second-guessing yourself before going down the plastic slide at the playground out of fear of getting static shock:

    Playground in a park with slides on a sunny day.
    Nicolasmccomber / Getty Images

    2. Getting excited whenever you got a classmate's birthday party invite — especially if it was a character invitation card they used:

    Pokémon birthday invitation cards,

    3. And losing your shit if the birthday party was at a Chuck E. Cheese:

    The exterior sign of a Chuck E. Cheese.
    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

    4. Fighting back car sickness just to keep watching a movie on your portable DVD player while on a long car trip:

    A kid sitting in the back of a car watching a video of a dog on a portable DVD player.
    Dan Dalton / Getty Images

    5. Drinking from these exact glasses with geese on them anytime you went to your grandma's house:

    A collection of clear '80s glasses with geese with blue bows on it.

    6. Heading straight to the video game display section whenever you went with your parents to the store:

    A photo of kid playing a Nintendo GameCube at a display in a store.

    7. Pushing the Happy Meal toy through the plastic until it tore — whenever your fingers were too greasy to tear it apart:

    A photo of a Disney Treasure Planet Happy Meal toy in it's package.

    8. Spending 15 minutes peeling the corner of a shrink-wrapped CD to open it (just to avoid getting up and grabbing a pair of scissors to slice it open):

    A hand holding a CD for with a piece of the corner piece peeled off.

    9. Having that moment of absolute dread whenever you accidentally scratched a brand-new mix CD:

    Close-up of a scratched a CD.
    Delpixart / Getty Images

    10. Getting excited whenever it was Scholastic Book Fair day at school, 'cause it felt like Christmas came early:

    A elementary school library set up for Scholastic Book Fair day.

    11. Sitting super close to the TV while watching it (even though your parents told you not to):

    A kid setting close-up to the TV while watching a cartoon.
    Tim Boyle / Getty Images

    12. Sitting super close to the TV while playing video games (even though your parents told you not to):

     Two young children playing a PlayStation video game in their parent''s home.
    Tim Boyle / Getty Images

    13. Watching the TV Guide Channel 'cause you couldn't figure out what else to watch:

    A screengrab of the TV Guide Channel with a Hot Pockets Strawberry Pastries commercial playing.

    14. Enjoying one of these on a hot summer day (and giving yourself a brain freeze in the process):

    Three Minute Maid Juice Bars on a picnic table.

    15. Wanting a Gateway computer just because of the cow-print box it came in:

    A stack four Gateway computer boxes.
    Tim Boyle / Getty Images

    16. Wanting a robot dog 'cause it seemed like the coolest thing ever:

    Poo Chi Robot Dog with green ears and a tails.

    17. Having a full-blown argument with your sibling(s) over who got to play with the Game Boy (if you had to share one):

    A silver Game Boy Boy Advance SP.

    18. Getting one of these as a souvenir whenever you went on a trip and never really looking at it again after your vacation:

    A green photo viewer key chain.

    19. Struggling to decide what icon to use as your Windows XP profile avatar:

    A Windows XP login page.
    Windows/ Microsoft

    20. Playing with the DVD clamshell of the movie you were watching (and also low-key taking a sniff of its plasticky yet addictive scent):

    A stack of two DVD clamshells.
    Ratana21 / Getty Images

    21. And, finally, just knowing you were in for a treat whenever you saw the Disney Channel Original Movie intro:

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