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    20 Times That Cory And Topanga From "Boy Meets World" Proved To Be The Ultimate Couple

    Sorry, Harry and Meghan, but the real royal wedding happened on Nov. 5 1999.

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    1. When their romance first sparked and it was just the purest:

    ABC/ Buena Vista Television

    2. When Cory knew just how lucky he was to have Topanga:

    ABC/ Buena Vista Television

    3. When Topanga was amazingly mature about their relationship:

    ABC/ Buena Vista Television

    4. When Topanga knew not agreeing on everything was perfectly healthy:

    ABC/ Buena Vista Television

    5. When Cory reminded Topanga he was always there for her:

    ABC/ Buena Vista Television

    6. When they had their first kiss and it was all sorts of cute:

    ABC/Buena Vista Television/

    7. When they had the most cinematic kiss imaginable at Epcot:

    ABC/ Disney Television/

    8. When Topanga said "I love you" back to Cory, and he said this:

    ABC/ Buena Vista Television/

    9. When Cory appreciated every little thing Topanga does:

    ABC/Buena Vista Television

    10. When Topanga recreated an iconic moment in their relationship and topped it off with this uplifting quote:

    ABC / Buena Vista Television/

    11. When Cory reminded Topanga that he'd support her no matter what:

    12. EVERYTHING about this moment:

    13. When Cory felt incomplete without Topanga in his life:

    ABC/ Buena Vista Television

    14. When Cory was there to pick Topanga back up:

    ABC/ Buena Vista Television

    15. And he reminded her that their love was more than just a physical attraction:

    ABC/ Buena Vista Television

    16. When Cory perfectly summed up their relationship:

    ABC/ Buena Visita Television/

    17. When Cory's love for Topanga was so strong that it was almost palpable:

    ABC/ Buena Vista Television/

    18. When Topanga told Cory just how much she loved him:

    ABC/ Buena Vista Television/

    19. When they looked at each other on their wedding day:

    ABC/ Buena Vista Television

    20. And finally, when they had the most perfect vows that perfectly summed up their relationship:

    ABC/ Buena Vista Television/

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