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    20 Things All Early-’00s Teens Desperately Wanted For Christmas

    Back when all you wanted Santa to bring you was a boombox that played burned CDs.

    1. A digital camera:

    This was a game changer: Finally, a camera that not only could basically take unlimited pics, but also allowed you to directly upload photos to your computer.

    2. A memory card:

    OK, so having a digital camera was a game changer, but the memory cards that came with them could barely hold more than 40 photos — which made getting a card with more memory a big priority. Unfortunately, they were pretty pricey at the time, so you usually had to ask for it as a gift.

    3. A boombox that could play burned CDs and MP3 CDs:

    There was nothing worse than only being able to listen to your burned mix CDs on your family's computer. Enter these boomboxes, which allowed you to listen to that 🔥mix CD out loud in your room.

    4. Your own phone with private phone line:

    Sure, you might have had or wanted a cell phone, but they had shit reception and had expensive minute plans. A landline was still goals!!!

    5. Von Dutch trucker caps:

    Seriously, these were fugly as hell (even at the time)! But seeing every young celeb sporting one in the pages of Teen People or US Weekly made you want one pretty badly.

    6. Body sprays:,

    These made the perfect stocking stuffers. Not only were they inexpensive, but you went through them quickly and could always use a new bottle!

    7. Fossil watches:

    Sure there were other brands out there like Baby-G, but owning a big-ass chunky Fossil watch made you feel like you were wearing something fancy!

    8. A TV with a built-in DVD and VCR:

    Getting this TV for your own bedroom was a must: Not only did it allow you to watch whatever you wanted, but it also allowed for you and your friends to watch your Blockbuster rentals without the intrusion of your siblings or nosy parents.

    9. A desktop:

    Sharing a computer with your entire family was the ABSOLUTE worst, and, honestly, the cause of 90% of the fights between you and your siblings. Nothing was a bigger deal then finally getting one for yourself.

    10. Blank CDs:

    You needed to have lots and lots of these for making mix CDs for yourself or your friends. And also for whenever you got the dreaded "burn error" message and had to re-burn your mix all over again on a new blank CD.

    11. A portable DVD player:

    This was one of the gifts you asked for that you knew you really wouldn't use much (other than for long trips). It was all about the status symbol of owning one.

    12. Borders gift cards:

    There were always like 50 things you wanted to get at Borders (yes, even over-priced DVDs and CDs), so you could always use a gift card from them.

    13. A car stereo with a removal face (if you drove your own car):

    The removal face helped prevent someone from breaking into your car. You also needed to have the one that would display cool graphics when turned on.

    14. Paul Frank stuff:

    Whether it was Julius the Monkey stickers, T-shirts, or PJs, you couldn't get enough of this early '00s twee icon.

    15. An entire season of a TV show on DVD:

    Back in the day there was no way to binge-watch your favorite show other than physically owing it on DVD (and they weren't cheap!!!).

    16. Robot dog:

    Getty Images

    Honestly, this was one of those gifts you asked for because it just seemed so damn futuristic!

    17. Razor scooter:

    Sure, it wasn't super practical, but everyone had one and you needed one too.

    18. A pair of Uggs:

    OK, these were the legit best thing to ask for: Not only were they ~stylish~, but they also actually kept your feet super warm on those cold winter mornings.

    19. Flip phone:

    Let's be honest, NOTHING was cooler than having a flip phone (well maybe one that also had a camera that took shitty pics). Of course, just getting your parents to agree to get you cell phone was hard enough.

    20. iPod:

    Getty Images

    There was no bigger ULTIMATE Christmas gift than an iPod! In 2003, a 30GB model cost $499 (which is still a lot of money today). Of course, if you did actually get one for Christmas, you made sure to casually walk around holding it on the first day back to school, showing off what was basically the iPhone XS of its time.

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