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    20 Hilarious And Weird "Falling In Love" Comic Book Covers

    From 1955-1973, DC Comics printed Falling In Love, a romance comic aimed towards teen girls and young women, that was ridiculous and kinda trashy.

    1. Don't you hate it when your mother steals your man?

    2. Or is it worse when your sister steals your man?

    3. Apparently your sister will steal your man any chance she gets.

    4. Why is she still friends with Sue?

    5. The one were his ex (also possibly a man in drag) is stalking him.

    6. OMG -- Really what did he do to her?

    7. This whole scenario is uncomfortable and very creepy.

    8. Picking up a girl -- whose on the rebound -- with a literal wingman.

    9. I think we've all had this moments.

    10. I guess she found out he is into some kinky shit.

    11. So, Gina's not a slut?

    12. Because racism is a good reason to break-up a relationship?!

    13. Don't judge, we all get drunk at weddings. Right?

    14. Domestic violence -- GIRL, GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS RELATIONSHIP.

    15. There all gossiping cause she is wearing white.

    16. Slut-shaming.

    17. They seem to be implying that she's not into men.

    18. Don't judge -- he probably has money.

    19. Was she really expecting a swinger to keep it in his pants? Also is she tripping on shrooms while pondering this question?

    20. Um, well I guess that's one way to get a man's attention.