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Posted on Jan 10, 2014

20 Hilarious And Ridiculous Knock-Off Toys

There were a lot of disappointed kids receiving these as gifts.

1. I don't know what a Funny Pony is...

...but I'm glad that it's out and proud.

2. I like that blue ghost on the box is like, "I Volunteer as tribute."

3. Titanic Legend, the only game where the point is to die at the end.

4. OK, why are Superman and Batman in the same collectable set as Shrek and Lighting McQueen?

5. I don't even know where to begin?!

6. New style heroes in a half-shell. Tortoise power!

7. I could see this existing if Michael Bay had directed Titanic.

8. WTF?! Also why would Superman (or Batman for that matter) need a gun?

9. I really loved that show!

10. I would've totally watched Thomas if he turned into a robot and battled Diesel.

11. Not gonna lie, I want this:

12. Han Solo really was the best part character in Episode 1.

13. These Pokémon just have sensible powers.

14. So confused, according to the box this Traerfromoe is either Bubml Ebee or Optimus Prime TON.

15. To be fair, this is based on the comic book series starring James Spader.

16. A pretty accurate description of most Disney princesses.

17. Don't be angry, but I'm in Trouble.

18. Look at those faces, they probably don't even learn to talk, they just sit there silently judging you.



20. Finally, what little girl wouldn't want to play with her Demon Donkey toy?!


Not a toy, but I want to meet the sicko who thought up this unholy abomination:

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