Things We Did In 1999 That Are Now Completely Outdated

    The struggle of having to share one phone line was REAL.

    1. Looking through the Sunday paper circulars to find out what movies and albums were being released that week.

    2. Buying an expensive CD single import just for the bonus B-side.

    3. Waiting HOURS to download one song off of Napster and praying you wouldn't be knocked off the internet while it downloaded.

    4. Doing research for a paper or report with a CD-ROM.

    5. Having to clearly label your VHS tape so that no one would tape over it before you had a chance to watch it.

    6. Buying books specifically made for the bathroom.

    7. Carrying around both a beeper and a cell phone.

    And your cell phone was used sparingly, as minute plans were expensive and also didn't come with a whole lot of minutes.

    8. Sharing ONE landline phone with several people (like roommates).

    9. Having to pay for long-distance calls whenever you called anyone outside your area code.

    10. Dialing *69 if you got a prank call or if you forgot to get someone's number.

    11. Taking photos and having NO idea how they'd turn out.

    12. Carrying around a Thomas Guide in your car in case you needed to look for an address in a part of town you weren't familiar with.

    13. Calling Moviefone to find out what movies were playing at what times.

    14. Rushing home to watch TRL in hopes that they would play your favorite music video.

    15. Ordering clothes out of a mail-order catalog.

    16. Buying a book 'cause it was recommended by Oprah.

    17. Special-ordering things from stores if they didn't have them in stock.

    18. Being able to drop off or greet your friends and family at the boarding gates at the airport.

    19. Savoring that satisfying feeling you got using your mouse right after cleaning it.

    20. Checking your email every few days and legit being excited if you got a new email from a friend.

    21. Driving from Blockbuster to Blockbuster in search of the new release you wanted.

    22. And finally, not hating (probably loving, TBH) The Phantom Menace and totally being cool with Jar Jar Binks.