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19 Vintage Sexist Christmas Ads That Hilariously Failed

The only thing they managed to advertise was sexism.

1. I'm pretty sure this is not a way to "please a lady."

2. Yeah, she looks really happy to have gotten an iron as a gift.

3. That's nice, she has to light the cigarettes for him too.

4. I don't know why she didn't just ask Santa to bring her sister a tube of Colgate?

5. Yo Santa, I can guarantee you she won't.

6. That face says only one thing, "Oh my god, I can't fucking believe I just got a lame-ass spoon set for Christmas."

7. Oh look, little Trisha got child-size sewing machine -- was there no child-size vacuums available?

8. Um. I don't even know what they're trying to sell here, 'cause I am too distracted by that pervy looking Santa.

9. Speaking of pervy Santa, he's full-blown peeping Tom in this ad.

10. If you need a party dress to tell your man how "lovely you are," then you've got bigger problems.

11. I think what Mrs. Claus needs is a desk -- not an ironing table -- if she's answering all those letters!

12. So this is TWO Christmas gifts that she apparently doesn't get to enjoy.

13. I'm positive this is not the "white Christmas" she was dreaming about.

14. Surprisingly this isn't a lingerie ad.

15. Just what every girl wants for Christmas: A drug store brand nail polish from her boyfriend.

16. Is treating "him like a millionaire" code for being his servant?

17. Really? She's hearing from a spirit and all she can think to ask is "who's Debbie date for the prom"!

18. First off: Ouch! And secondly: Haven't we all?