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19 Vintage Easter Bunny Photos That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

And you thought the rabbit from Donnie Darko was creepy.

1. By the look on his face, this bunny is ready to eat this little boy.

2. That baby's face says it all!

3. And this little girl's body language says it all.

4. This photo was taken moments before that kid became that bunny's lunch.

5. Um, excuse me, Mr. Bunny, but everything you're doing is wildly inappropriate.


7. A repurposed gimp mask makes an excellent Easter bunny costume!

8. OK, this is just a reused Wolfman costume.

9. By the look of his eyes, this rabbit definitely has a nose candy problem.

10. And by the look on this bunny's face, he definitely has a drinking problem.

11. Wait, WTF, are those snake tongues coming out of his mouth?!

12. This has to be an old-timey villain dressed up as a bunny, right?

13. Is this the unholy offspring of the Easter bunny and an Ewok?!

14. That bunny has one shady smile on his face.

15. If you ever wondered what the Trix bunny would look like if he was part of The Walking Dead:

16. Um... HELL NO!!!

17. Look at this bunny; you know he is plotting to kill Superman.

18. WTF?!

19. This bunny will haunt your dreams!

Sweet dreams!