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19 Unexplainably Random Things You Only See At Walmart

Walmart really is the gift that keeps on giving.

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1. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Bumble getting pretty X-rated with each other:

2. The sign for this gift idea:

3. This rather unfortunate T-shirt:

4. A bird just chilling in the snack aisle:

5. This profession of love in the toy aisle:

6. Mickey Mouse with his dick in a box:

7. These panties that send the rather confusing message:

Are they implying that the wearer is a prostitute?!

8. These two teddy bears that clearly need a room:

9. A mechanical Santa Claus that is clearly getting too excited around children:


10. These Disney Princesses creepily reaching out for help:

I mean, wouldn't you if you were stuck in a Walmart?!

11. This card for the beer drinking kid in your life:

12. These Bud Light branded kids' footwear for the beer drinking kid in your life:

13. A decapitated horse head stuffed animal in a children's claw machine:

14. The most ironic aisle sign ever:

15. A snowman with a shotgun:

16. A pet deer hanging out in the backseat of a car:

17. Jason Voorhees watching people from his car:

18. And finally, Nickleback as "Artist of the Month":

* chills up the spine *