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19 Tweets That Will Make Any Target Addict LOL

I think we can all agree that Target's motto should be: "Leave with everything BUT what you actually came in for."

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1. When you realize going into a Target is a lot like gambling — you're unsure of the outcome and you know you'll lose money:

i never know what's going to happen when i go into Target. will i be there for 5 minutes?? 5 hours?? will i spend $5?? $500??? who knows

2. When you walk into a Target and immediately feel like you just drank a Red Bull:

I get an endorphin rush walking into @Target every single time! #targetaddict

3. When that direct deposit hits and you go to Target before you've even paid your bills:

#YouInDangerGirl #TargetProblems @Target

4. When you shop there so much that you're on a first name basis with the employees:

When you go to Target and they say nice to see you again. You know you have a problem. #TargetAddict #ConfessionsOfATargetShopper 😳

5. Or when you're at Target so often that you don't want the employees to think of you as a "regular" there:

Switching registers at Target so that you don't get the same cashier as you did yesterday #targetaddict

6. When the Dollar Spot ends up not really being a bargain:

When you walk into Target and you end up spending $40 in just the $1 & $3 section #targetproblems

7. When you can't even remember the last time you didn't overspend there:

Made it out of @Target today spending less than $15. Think it's been about 4 years since I've done that. #targetproblems

8. When you know that the best way to reward yourself for not overspending at Target is to treat yourself to something(s) at Target:

I actually made it out of target with only the item I went in for, I think I should reward myself. By going to target. #targetaddict 🎯

9. When you go into the store for one thing and immediately zone out:

Target... I go in for shampoo and $1937384738474774 later I dunno what the hell I just bought #targetproblems

10. When you buy a bunch of things and forget the ONE thing you needed to go to Target for:

Drove all the way to Target last night to get laundry detergent, guess what?! Forgot laundry detergent. #TargetProblems

11. When you need a support team to make sure you don't fall into the overspending trap while there:

A good support system is important in life. #targetproblems

12. When you get your Target Red Card bill in the mail and realize it's basically a second mortgage:

Lmao at my target bill this month 🙈 #targetproblems

13. When you buy so much stuff that you feel the need to hide it from your roommates or S.O.:

Glad no one is home to see all my Target bags... #whoops #wentoverboard #targetproblems

14. When you're walking down the aisles and are tempted AF to buy things for the imaginary house you don't even own yet:

The I-don't-need-that-cute-doormat-because-I-don't-have-a-front-door struggle is so real. #TargetProblems

15. When you own so much Mossimo clothing that you get scared that the employees working at the fitting rooms are going to think you're shoplifting:

When you're in the fitting room getting dressed & realize your whole outfit is from @Target. And you're at Target. #targetproblems #addict

16. When you go to see if there are any items you didn't see in the store:

Went to @Target today, but I didn't stay long enough so now I'm on #targetaddict #bae

17. When you go in just for a return, but just ending up shopping again:

When you return a bunch of stuff at target to save money. Then buy new stuff for almost as much as you saved. #fail #targetaddict

18. When this happens to you year after year:

Literally nothing has changed... #TargetAddict

19. And finally, when this basically explains how you feel about Target:

this is the most relatable thing I have ever seen #targetaddict

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