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    19 Tweets That'll Make Anyone Who Is A Bad Cook Say, "This Is Totally Something I Would Do!"

    For anyone who knows they'll never be Julia Child!

    1. This person who made garlic dough balls that look more like charcoal briquettes:

    Hmm, think the garlic dough balls are a little over done! Perhaps 5 hours in the Aga was a touch too long! #cookingfail

    2. This person who realized some things are not interchangeable:

    A plastic bag and roasting bag are not the same. Now I've got a chicken roast fiasco on my hands and no sunday dinner. #cookingFail

    3. This pressure cooker fiasco which was its own mini-Mount Vesuvius:

    4. This person who somehow MacGyvered a bomb out of a chicken:

    5. This person who didn't at least didn't burn the hamburgers:

    Almost just started the house on fire #cookingfail

    6. This person who had the best of intentions:

    Timed the chicken so it’d be ready to take out of the oven as husband walks through the door at 7pm.... go to take chicken out of oven at 7pm.... forgot to put chicken in the oven #adultingfail

    7. This person who forgot to add the most important ingredient to instant ramen:

    Today’s cooking lesson...don’t forget the water! Thankfully the only thing harmed in this incident was our ability to breathe through our noses. #cookingfail #ramen #burnt

    8. This person who created a crème brûlée with cheese:

    Make your own cheese sauce they said. It's easy they said. Think I'll stick to baking. #fail #cookingfail

    9. This person who somehow didn't get a delicious pizza-in-the-oven smell from their mini-pizza:

    Smelled rubbing alcohol. It turned out to be my homemade mini pizza. #badcooking

    10. This person who attempted to reheat something:

    Tried rewarming last night dinner and forgot about it! #CookingFail

    11. This person who made well-done veggie bacon:

    I'm not saying my kitchen is filled with smoke but I'm also not saying it isn't. #CookingFail #VeggieBaconBurns

    12. This person who made cookie soup:

    My sister "made cookies" #Wth is that? #EmbarrassYourSibling #CookingFail

    13. This person who burned a pizza until it resembled a lava flow:

    Watch out Gordon Ramsey, Charlie and @Kris_J_Day are in the kitchen #CookingFail

    14. This person who basically just made noodles:

    I made chicken and noodles...and forgot the chicken #cookingfail

    15. This person who at least has a method down:

    This is honestly the only way I can tell if an egg's hard boiled; wait for it to explode in the pan #terriblecook

    16. This person who made fish sticks that ended up looking like eclairs:

    Give up- di llosgi fish fingers..#cantcook

    17. This person who screwed up their liquids:

    #cookingfail That awkward moment when the oil goes in the sink and the detergent goes in the hot pan. spaghetti palmolive for one tonight :(

    18. This person who probably wanted to save time:

    My sisters boyfriend forgot to take the plastic lid on before making #lasaunga #forgotplasticlid #badcooking #fail

    19. And finally, this person's dog who probably knew better:

    Tbt to when I burnt a tortilla and thought about feeding it to my dog #cantcook