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    19 Toys You're Still Mad That You Never Got As A Kid

    And honestly, still want!!!

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which toy they never got as a kid and still regret not getting to this day. Here are some of those toys:

    1. Easy-Bake Oven

    "I really wanted an Easy-Bake Oven, but my parents absolutely refused to buy me one. They believed that only girls should play with that and refused to buy it. It really infuriates me to this day." —Matty Cormier, Facebook

    "An Easy-Bake Oven! I wanted one so badly and my mother would never let me have one because she said they were dangerous. I think she just didn't want me making a huge mess, but here I am, almost 40, and I still wonder if I missed out on becoming some sort of baking genius." —hurricanedeck

    2. Nintendo 64

    "I had always wanted a Nintendo 64. I begged and begged, but my family told me video games weren't for girls (which is why my male cousins and uncles all had one). One Christmas I was sure I was getting one because there was a very large special looking present under the tree. When I was finally able to rip it open, it was an empty wooden box, that was apparently for doll clothes. I was devastated." —Hanna McGrath-Perdue, Facebook

    3. Barbie Dreamhouse


    "When I was 7 years old, I desperately wanted the original Barbie Dreamhouse. One day when my dad arrived home from work, he told me that he'd bought me said Dreamhouse! He went on about how it was in the trunk of his car, solidifying in my 7-year-old mind that, yes, he'd actually bought it for me. And then...AND THEN...he said 'APRIL FOOLS.' Needless to say, I cried. He bought me a Mermaid Barbie to make up for it, but it never really filled the void. Dad, what cruel impulse made you want to trick a 7-year-old into thinking you'd bought her a Barbie Dreamhouse?!" —maddieh4dacddb1e

    4. My Buddy

    "MY BUDDY!!! As an only child, with little success at making real friends, the My Buddy commercials ('My Buddy and meeeee') seemed almost too good to be true. Which, they probably were. But, will I ever know that? NO. I never got a My Buddy. Or a Kid Sister, for that matter." —lukefordfearless

    5. Rose Petal Place Dolls

    "All six Rose Petal dolls. Not only did the fairies dress like the flower they represented, but they had scents too! We were too poor for splurges, so I got Rose Petal for Christmas, Orchid for my birthday, and then they were discontinued. And yes, I still browse them on eBay and consider buying them." —luthientinuviel

    6. My Size Barbie

    "As a Barbie-obsessed child, I yearned for a My Size Barbie. That Christmas, my parents got me an off-brand life-size doll, and the face they captured on camera that day is still the face I make when I have to feign excitement while holding in disappointment and tears."cupcakesandcats

    "A My Size Barbie doll! I actually mentioned this to my mum last week and she told me she never got it for me 'cause she knew I just wanted the dress that came with it. Betrayal!!!" —Carly Holloway

    7. Socker Boppers

    "Socker Boppers! They always looked so fun on TV, but my parents thought they were overrated. My sister and I, nearly two decades later, always ask for them for Christmas." —serenasenpai

    8. Skip-It

    "I really, really wanted a Skip-It — that toy that you loop around your ankle swing it around and then skip over it. My cousin had one, but didn't really let me play with it. So I asked my parents for one. My dad gave me a string to tie around my ankle with a stick at the end instead. Never got the real thing!" —mirandabrooke

    9. Toy Ice Cream Maker

    "I wanted one of those plastic hand cranked ice cream machines when I was a child. I told my dad that I had wanted it for Christmas that year. So Christmas comes along and I'm so excited, hoping beyond hope that I would get that ice cream machine. Well, I didn't get it. In fact, my dad had gifted it to my cousin instead. I remember watching her open it and it was if my soul had been crushed. He never remembered that I had told him I wanted it." —patch123

    10. Sailor Moon's Crescent Moon Wand

    "It was Sailor Moon's Moon Stick (or the Crescent Moon Wand) replica. I was (and still am) a huge fan, and I was blown away when I found it in a department store when I was 5 years old. My parents didn't allow me to get it and scolded me when I cried, so now whenever I see it I still get the double heartbreak."—astarlightinthegloom

    11. Teddy Ruxpin

    "I wanted a Teddy Ruxpin so bad! My mother's best friend's son, whom I never got along with, had one, which of course made it worse. When I studied the Ten Commandments in Sunday school, my new vocabulary word, 'covet,' immediately equated in my mind to 'the way I feel about Joel's Teddy Ruxpin.' And I never did get one." —Aletheia Rose Knights, Facebook

    12. Hot Wheels Race Track

    "I am girl, but in the '90s there was always these really cool-ass commercials for Hot Wheels' race tracks that would show off all these loops and stuff, and it just look like the shit. When I told my mom about them she told me I was a girl and that was a boy toy." —deedenisse

    13. The Death Star Play Set

    "The Star Wars Death Star. I had a million Star Wars toys, but I was still jealous of my friends who had the Death Star. And yeah, I still have all of my old toys and I still want that Death Star." —Simon Ritchie, Facebook

    14. Moon Shoes

    "Moon Shoes!!! I had lied to my mom about cutting my own bangs (yikes!), so she wasn't getting me new toys for a while. Everyone on my damn block would be outside bouncing around having the time of their lives and I was missing out." —gabriellamontez

    15. Lite-Brite

    "I never got a Lite-Brite and I really wanted one too. My older stepsisters had one and never let me play with it. My kindergarten class had one and, again, never got to play with it. My mom bought one for my cousins one Christmas, and tried to tell me that I never wanted one, which is why I did not get one. And the biggest kicker is my baby brother got Lite-Brite when he was 5. Still never got one or really got to play with a Lite-Brite, and they are just the coolest still." —Azure Adams, Facebook

    16. Game Boy Advance

    "For four to five years, I asked my parents every 'gift giving' holiday for a Gameboy Advance. I wanted it more than life itself. Then FINALLY in 2004 they caved and bought me one for Christmas. Now I am a snoop and find everything, so my mom has this rule that if you find your presents you don't get them.

    "Well one day, close to Christmas, her phone rang in her purse and I went to grab it so I could tell her who was on the phone, and I saw the Gameboy hidden in there. It was beautiful. A blush baby blue, all shiny and new in the box. Being the 'good' child I was I confessed to seeing it accidentally. Then my fate was sealed. I wasn't allowed to have it because I 'found' it and she ended up selling it to the neighbor kids mom for his christmas present. I got to see him play on MY Gameboy Advance every time I went over there. I'm 24 now, and that was some years ago, but I'm still salty, and I remind my mom regularly. Never had another gaming device again." —macya4d331dce9

    17. American Girl Doll

    "For years and years I BEGGED my mom for the Samantha American Girl doll, not realizing how expensive they were. Finally, one year for Christmas she had agreed to get me one. And of course, that year was the year Samantha went into archives and you could no longer buy her anymore. I was SO UPSET." —jaceyc4413320d3

    18. Barbie Power Wheels Jeep

    "I always wanted a Barbie Power Wheels Jeep. I asked for it for years. I wanted to ride it up and down the street, and park it in our driveway next to my parents' cars like it was the real thing. I sadly never got one and my dad likes to mention all the time that he feels bad he never got me one, or to point it out when we see one in an ad or in a store. I probably would have forgotten it by now if he didn't keep bringing it up." —meg121186

    "When I was 2 years old, I really wanted a Barbie Jeep. My dad promised he'll get one for my sister and I for Hanukkah. He got us another sister instead. I love my little sister, but I still wish I could have also gotten a Barbie Jeep. I continued to want a Barbie Jeep until I was 8. I never got it." —skylare408bf0a07

    19. A Plush Ewok

    "When I was 4 years old the big movie was Return of the Jedi. I wanted a plush Ewok so bad for Christmas, but Santa didn't bring it. I had told my husband that the Ewok was the one toy I remember wanting and never getting. This past Christmas he got me a Ewok, in the original packaging!😊" —strangestangel79

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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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