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    19 Toys That'll Make '80s Kids Say, "Wow, I Totally Forgot About That!"

    Of course your remember Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and She-Ra! But, do you remember playing with Dino-Riders and Lady Lovely Locks?!

    1. Family Tree House

    Of course, you assumed it (this usually hand-me-down toy) was part of the Fisher-Price Little People line. It actually belonged to Kenner's Tree Tots line. But, regardless, it was the perfect play set not just for your Little People, but ANY figurine toy really.

    2. Pizza Party

    Mainly all this game did was give you a craving for pizza.

    3. Highway Patrol Motorcycle Cop

    This was just a generic toy that somehow ended up in every kid's toy box throughout the '80s. Although it probably drove your parents crazy any time you turned on its siren and light, while running around the house with it.

    4. Dancing Flowers

    Sure, this only provided about 10 minutes (tops) of entertainment, but it was still the coolest thing ever. Watching the flower dance along to music was like magic.

    5. Wish World Kids

    Before Polly Pocket took over the world, there was Wish World Kids. The dolls each came with their own mini piece of furniture that would transform into a play set.

    6. Casey the Talking Robot

    So, he really was more of a glorified tape player than a robot, but it was still fun to read along stories with him.

    7. E.T. Vinyl Doll

    It was all fun and games until E.T.'s vinyl skin started peeling off and he started looking more like the "sick" E.T. from the movie.

    8. California Raisins

    This was one of the toys that just magically appeared in your toy box one day.

    9. Clip-on Plush Toys

    OK, so there really wasn't a point to these. But they could grip things, so they had that going for them.

    10. Cabbage Patch Kids Mini-Figurines

    Somehow these managed to be even creepier than their doll counterparts.

    11. Rub-A-Dub Dog

    The quintessential bathtub toy of the ’80s, not only was this a toy, but it also doubled as a sponge. But mainly you only used it as a toy.

    12. Robotech

    Robotech was one of the shows that every '80s kid probably has a vague memory of watching (unless you were a fan, of course). And somehow you always ended up with a figure or two from the toy line, even if you weren't a fan of the show.

    13. McFry Kids Happy Meal Toys

    They also always seemed to smell like plastic and old French fries.

    14. Worlds of Wonder Talking Mother Goose Toy

    This was like a slightly less creepier version of Teddy Ruxpin. And, she came dressed like she came straight from a Laura Ashley showroom.

    15. Lady Lovely Locks Dolls

    So in the '80s there was a lot a dolls whose storylines took place in enchanted worlds (ie. Rose Petal and Strawberry Shortcake), but Lady Lovely Locks had one thing over all the others: LOTS of hair! Plus, we can probably all agree that Duchess Ravenwaves was a villain you rooted for!

    16. Fisher-Price Little People Zoo

    So, you probably have memories of playing with the Little People barn, parking lot, or house, but LBH, the zoo was where it was really at! Not only did it come with a bunch of animals, it also came with a TRAM and ramp to toss them from.

    17. Dino-Riders

    What wasn't to love? It had dinosaurs, aliens, battle armor, and cool weapons.

    18. TubTown Harbor Village

    The greatest toy ever built for the tub. Not only did it come with boat and figures, but it also included an entire seaside village play set. PERFECTION. In fact, you probably played with it outside of the tub.

    19. Haunted House Pop-Up Book

    OK, so this really wasn't a toy. But, it was pop-up book that provided you with the perfect scary backdrop for your toys!

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