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    19 Times Victoria And David Beckham Wore Fashions As Ugly As They Are Beautiful

    During the late '90s and early '00s, Posh and Becks made some very interesting sartorial choices.

    1. The time they were one of THOSE couples and coordinated their outfits when announcing their engagement.

    2. And worse yet, they took it one step further and got matching watches and diamond engagement rings.

    3. The time they rocked matching bangs, haircuts, and jeans.

    4. When they both continued their hair bang phase, which David coordinated with an oversized shirt collar, while Victoria fully embraced weird chandelier necklaces and corset tops.

    5. The time Victoria kept revisiting weird necklaces and corset tops, while David dressed up like Morpheus from The Matrix.

    6. The time they both clearly took "the red pill" and went full-on Matrix.

    7. The time Victoria kept the leather-fetish look going, while David embraced snakeskin.

    8. The time David went for an early '90s pretentious artist look and Victoria experimented with cow-print.

    9. The time David kept it real by wearing a do-rag, while Victoria kept it classy with a denim corset top.

    And they wore it to meet Prince Charles.

    10. The time David wore this silk pajama getup and looked like an extra from the music video for TLC's "Red Light Special."

    11. The time they dressed like American college students.

    12. The time Victoria dressed like a flamenco dancer and David like a successful pimp who is going off to church on Sunday.

    13. The time they both competed to see who could show the most amount of cleavage.

    14. The time David wore your mom's favorite "going out to brunch" outfit from Chico's, while Victoria rocked the finest threads Abercrombie & Fitch had to offer.

    15. Two words: WHITE. SATIN.

    16. The time Victoria looked like a Delta flight attendant circa 1982 and David rocked a pretty fug giant cardigan.

    17. The time Victoria looked super chic, but David ruined the look by dressing in Johnny Depp's old castoffs.

    18. The time David looked super dapper, but Victoria ruined the look by wearing a tutu.

    19. The time the two paid homage to Disney: Victoria to Ariel in The Little Mermaid and David to the dancing extras in Newsies.

    Of course, for the record, Ariel wore it best.