19 Times January Jones Was The Queen Of #TBT

    Sorry Beyoncé, when it comes to Throwback Thursday photos, only one celeb reigns supreme.

    1. The time she reminded us that everyone has that one really awkward elementary school photo.

    2. The time she subtly told us, that yes, she was indeed the Regina George of her high school.

    3. The time she tested some very '80s looking make up on her friends.

    4. The time she showed off the power of '80s Christmas dresses.

    5. The time she reminded us of the horrors of 1980s plastic Halloween costumes.

    6. The time she made sure we knew that she has always been into costume dramas.

    7. The time she showed us that as a kid, she boldly wore her sunglasses indoors.

    8. The time she channeled Carrie Bradshaw for a photo shoot and instead looked like the early '00s threw up on her.

    9. The time she uploaded the photo of this haircut, where she might having been channeling an early '80s Daryl Hall (from Hall and Oates)?

    10. The time she showed off her inner tomboy.

    11. The time she shared this adorable photo of herself with her little sister in matching outfits.

    12. The time she reminded us that she always marches to the beat to of her own drum (or at least her sister's).

    13. The time she proved that, as a kid, she could hold her own against creepy statues and cheesy romance novels.

    14. And the time she showed us that she wasn't afraid of a creepy clown.

    15. The time that apparently she and her cat competed for best resting bitchface.

    16. The time she confirmed that the Golden Gate Bridge was no competition for her resting bitchface.

    17. The time she showed off the power of bangs.

    18. Also, the power of an androgynous bowl cut.

    19. And finally, the time she gifted us with this photo of her former glorious mullet.

    All hail Empress January, queen of TBT and also awkward '80s haircuts.