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    19 Things You Might Not Know About “Aladdin”

    Including the giant movie star that Aladdin's face was modeled after.

    1. In the original story draft there were two genies. One was the genie of the lamp and the other the genie of the ring.

    2. Patrick Stewart was forced to turn down the role of Jafar due to scheduling conflicts with Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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    3. Scott Weinger, the voice of Aladdin, also played DJ’s boyfriend Steve on Full House.

    There is even an inside joke about it in the episode were they go to Disney World, in which Steve shows up briefly dressed as Aladdin.

    4. Originally, Aladdin was not an orphan, he had a mother, to whom he sang the touching song "Proud of Your Boy." Eventually, both she and the song were cut from the story.

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    5. Aladdin was modeled after Tom Cruise.

    6. Aladdin borrows many elements from the 1940 film The Thief of Bagdad, particularly the characters of the evil Vizier (who was named Jaffar) and the Sultan.


    The film also featured a human sidekick named Abu.

    7. Robin Williams was the first major celebrity to be cast in an animated movie.

    8. The character design for Jafar is based on Maleficent.

    9. Whenever Aladdin tells a lie, the feather on his hat falls forward.

    10. Frank Welker, who voiced Abu, is also the voice of Megatron, Fred Jones, and Hefty Smurf.

    11. During preview screenings, no one applauded after the songs, so as a joke, the animators added an "Applause" sign over Genie at the end of "Friend Like Me." It worked.

    12. There is a long-standing rumor that in the balcony scene Aladdin says, “Good teenagers take off their clothes.” But what he is actually saying is, “Nice kitty, take off and go.”

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    The dialogue was changed to "Down, kitty" for the 2004 DVD release.

    13. Robin Williams improvised much of the dialogue used in the film.


    He recorded almost 16 hours of ad-libbed dialogue.

    14. In order to capture the movement of Aladdin’s pants, animator Glen Keane used MC Hammer music videos for reference.

    15. Jasmine was partially modeled after Jennifer Connelly.


    She was also modeled after the sister of her animator, Mark Henn.

    16. It was originally going to be revealed that the street merchant, seen in the beginning of the film, was really the Genie in disguise.

    The street merchant was also voiced by Robin Williams.

    17. The Goofy hat and Hawaiian shirt that the Genie wears at the end of the film are a nod to the costume Robin Williams's wore in Back to Neverland, a short he did for Disney-MGM Studios in 1989.

    18. Toward the end of the film, when Rajah is changing back into his normal self, his head turns into Mickey Mouse's for a split second.

    19. Aladdin was the highest-grossing movie of 1992. It was also the first animated movie to gross more than $200 million.

    Facts via: IMDb and Disney Wiki