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19 Things That Are All Too Real For "Sims" Addicts

"Wait, how is it 4:30 a.m.?!"

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1. You can only make plans with your friends based on how invested you are in the game that day.

2. You start looking forward to excuses to stay home and play.

Snow day? More like Sims all day. #TheSims #SimsAddiction

3. When you hear people say they binge-watched something on Netflix, you can totally relate because you binge-play Sims every day.

I have not left the house since 9 PM last night #simsaddiction

4. Sometimes you wonder if you play a little too much...

My addiction to playing sims might not be healthy 😂😂 #TheSims4 #simsaddiction

5. ...and sometimes you full-on realize you have a problem.


6. Having to quit cold turkey is something you probably do on the reg.

Its been 3 whole days since I have played the Sims 3 ...I'm very proud #SimsAddiction

7. You know that sleep is for the weak...

That awkward moment when, at 5 AM, you realize you've been playing the Sims 2 for 8 hours straight. #sims2 #thesims #sims #simsaddiction

8. ...and when do you try to sleep, all you can think about is your Sims family.

@irish_banana @Cuddlebuggery I wish I was playing right now and not in bed! #simsaddiction

9. Or worse yet, you're awoken by the ~sweet~ sounds from the game.

I can't sleep at night because all I hear is the sims theme music playing in my head. So then i'm forced to go play. #sims #simsaddiction

10. There are times that there are way too many inside jokes that only you get...

Perfect valentines card #simsaddiction

11. ...which makes having a BFF who is also into The Sims the GREATEST thing ever.

The other day me and Stacey were on the phone for over a hour just talking about sims 😂 #simsaddiction @staceysTwittor

12. You're more than a little envious of your Sims' fab lifestyle.

Sometimes I like to live vicariously through my Sims. #simsaddiction #probablynotevencoolanymore #ohwell

13. And you tend to put all of their needs way ahead of yours.

I take better care of my sims than I take of myself #hungry #tired #simsaddiction

14. There isn't a new version or expansion pack of The Sims that you don't run out and get on the release date.

Guys I swear to god I have no idea where they came from. #SimsAddiction

15. You more than occasionally measure time based on when you can get your next game on.

I just want to get home and play the Sims. Four more hours of work to go! #SimsAddiction

16. You've played the game so much that you begin to blur the lines between reality and The Sims.

I just tried pausing a video by pressing the P button #simsaddiction

17. You have to think twice about telling friends and family about your Sims addiction, ’cause it is often met with confusion.

what people say when they find out about my #Simsaddiction

18. And finally, you often wonder if there is some way you can monetize your Sims addiction.

Can l play The Sims for living? #SimsAddiction

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