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    19 Once Super Common Things '90s Kids Did That Would Make No Sense To Today's Kids

    Yes, Gen Z, there was a time before we depended on the internet for everything!!!

    1. Having to adjust the tracking on your VCR (sometimes even when you had auto-tracking) to make sure you had a clear picture:

    2. Using a video tape rewinder 'cause it was better for your VCR and it also rewinded tapes faster:

    3. Making sure you carried extra film with you whenever you went anywhere and also the right type of film (depending on whether you were going to take photos outdoors or indoors):

    4. Looking up books in the library through the card catalog:

    Deborah Fitchett/ via Flickr Creative Commons/Flickr: deborahfitchett

    5. Writing down your friends and family's phone numbers on a sheet so you wouldn't have to memorize them:

    6. Having an extra long handset cord on your family's phone so that you could walk into another room while talking on it:

    7. Looking up phone numbers in the phonebook. And if you couldn't find the number you needed, calling 411 to get it (but that cost extra!):

    8. Dialing *69 if someone crank called your house (but that cost extra too):

    New Line Cinema

    9. Calling a local number to find out the exact time or the weather:


    10. Having to have your computer hardwired into the internet (Wi-Fi wasn't even something people dreamed about):

    11. Being kicked off the internet 'cause too many people were using it in your neighborhood or because someone in your house needed to use the phone:

    12. Having to clean your mouse regularly or else it would barely work:

    13. Using pay phones if you really needed to get in contact with someone ASAP:

    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

    14. Checking the newspaper to see what time a movie you wanted to see was playing ...the only other option was to call the theater directly:

    15. Making sure your family had extra VHS tapes in stock so that you could tape a TV or movie you wanted to rewatch:

    16. Paging your parents or friends and sitting by the phone waiting for them to call you back:

    Amares Prapantatewa / Getty Images

    17. Price shopping by looking at the Sunday circulars (also, finding out what new video games, movies, or albums were being released that week):

    18. Going to Ticketmaster (usually located inside your local music store) or a venue in person to buy tickets for a concert or show:

    Mario Tama / Getty Images

    19. And finally, having to change the VHS tape when watching an extra long movie (and if you were watching it with a large group there was usually a fight for who had to do it):

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