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    Nov 7, 2014

    19 Thanksgiving Cake Fails To Be Grateful For

    Apparently there is a fine line between a turkey cake and a penis cake.

    1. This clever reuse of the penis cake pan.

    2. As well as this turkey cake that seems ribbed for your pleasure.

    3. These turkeys are all balls and no shaft.

    4. The crazy look in the turkey's eyes distracts from the fact that this a reused Valentine's Day heart pan.

    5. I see a clown.

    6. Careful, this looks rather undercooked.

    7. Is that terrifying giant turkey hunting down those reindeer?!


    Also, "gobbles?" what does that even mean?!

    8. This cake is all of us after a big Thanksgiving meal.

    9. This Native American face cake is both offensive and creepy!!!

    10. OMG, am I looking at some sort of alien birth?

    11. That turd's face tells me it just realized it's on fire.

    12. At least it looks happy.

    13. Why is that turkey throwing up?

    14. It's either a peacock or a caterpillar feasting on kale.

    15. But it's also important to "give thank," year-round.

    16. I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be a Legends of the Hidden Temple-themed cake.

    17. This is Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo's not as well-known cousin, Mr. Thankey, the Thanksgiving Poo.

    18. It shed a single tear as it realized it was about to get sliced.

    19. Um. No thanks, I'll pass.

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