19 Signs You Might Be Edina Monsoon From "Absolutely Fabulous"

The world just doesn’t understand your brand of fabulousness, sweetie darling!

1. You’re definitely not a morning person.


2. You’ve got a distinct, understated, and classic sense of style.


3. And, of course, it’s all high-end designer clothing, sweetie!

BBC/ Warner

4. You’re always up to date with the latest and coolest trends…

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5. …and, of course, the latest gossip.


6. Speaking of gossip, you’ve got a subtle way of getting the 411 from your friends and family.

BBC/ Warner

7. You’re fabulous and ageless, and that’s why you don’t do birthdays!


8. You don’t like to judge, but sometimes you’ve got to be brutally honest.

BBC/ Warner

9. You don’t put up with lesser people judging you.

10. You know that if people listened to you, the world would be a way better place.

BBC/ Warner / Via abfabgifs.tumblr.com

11. You aren’t happy unless you are the center of attention.


12. You’ve perfected the art of the eye-roll:

BBC/ Warner

13. Work? Ugh, you’ve rather be anywhere else.

BBC/ Warner / Via abfabgifs.tumblr.com

14. You enjoy the occasional glass of wine (or two or six).

BBC/ Warner

15. Your most stable relationship is with FOOD!

BBC/ Warner / Via giphy.com

And you’re OK with that.

16. Yes, you struggle a little with your weight…

BBC/ Warner / Via giphy.com

17. …and exercise is not really your thing…

BBC/ Warner / Via spacecadet.tumblr.com

18. ..but you know the truth, the only real way to burn calories is through shopping!

BBC America / Via standardculture.com

19. Most importantly: You’re always down for a quiet night on the town with your BFF.

BBC/ Warner

So cheers to your fabulousness, sweetie!

BBC/ Warner / Via tumblr.com

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