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19 Signs You Might Be Edina Monsoon From "Absolutely Fabulous"

The world just doesn't understand your brand of fabulousness, sweetie darling!

1. You're definitely not a morning person.

2. You've got a distinct, understated, and classic sense of style.

3. And, of course, it's all high-end designer clothing, sweetie!

4. You're always up to date with the latest and coolest trends...

5. ...and, of course, the latest gossip.

6. Speaking of gossip, you've got a subtle way of getting the 411 from your friends and family.

7. You're fabulous and ageless, and that's why you don't do birthdays!

8. You don't like to judge, but sometimes you've got to be brutally honest.

9. You don't put up with lesser people judging you.

10. You know that if people listened to you, the world would be a way better place.

11. You aren't happy unless you are the center of attention.

12. You've perfected the art of the eye-roll:

13. Work? Ugh, you've rather be anywhere else.

14. You enjoy the occasional glass of wine (or two or six).

15. Your most stable relationship is with FOOD!

16. Yes, you struggle a little with your weight...

17. ...and exercise is not really your thing...

18. ..but you know the truth, the only real way to burn calories is through shopping!

19. Most importantly: You're always down for a quiet night on the town with your BFF.

So cheers to your fabulousness, sweetie!