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19 Signs That Are Way Too Sassy For Their Own Good

Yup, you'd definitely pull over and stop in into these fine establishments.

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1. This is some next-level teabagging:

2. I really hope they are referring to the kind they do in your mouth:

3. Unwrap that thing and show us the RECEIPTS:

4. I bet your dog is not laughing along to this sign:

5. But do I have to pay extra for a roll out bed for them?

6. I wonder if the police got reports of an 18 foot tall flasher?

7. Maybe not the image you want in your head when you're thinking of dental care:

8. Hopefully this sign isn't across the street from a school:

9. They're always in the last place you look:

10. Sounds like one stressful trip to the ice cream shop:

11. I mean, it does work:

12. Yes, but I'm scared my cat might respond "I learned it by watching you!":

13. Is this according to Yelp reviews?

14. Probably the reason they smile:

15. Any excuse, right?

16. Did their parents threaten to turn the store around and head back home?!

17. I don't even know what were talking about anymore:

18. Maybe if you called her more:

19. Your move, McDonald's:

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