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    19 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For Any Starbucks Lover

    If a significant percentage of your income goes right to Starbucks, then this post is for you!

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    1. You know there isn't a more satisfying feeling than seeing that green mermaid logo when you're in desperate need of caffeine.

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    2. You've been late to things more times than you care to admit because you stopped by Starbucks.

    3. You frequent your local Starbucks so much that you've developed a sorta relationship with the baristas.

    4. And not only do those baristas know your drink order by heart...

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    5. ...but more often than not, they have your drink order ready for you before you even hit the register. Now THAT is skill!


    6. You've also been tempted more than once to defend the baristas from customers who make just crazy demands or are rude.

    Fox Television

    7. You know that there is no REAL secret menu, but if you ask nicely, your barista will make any drink with any combination of ingredients.

    8. You wish there could be a separate line for all the customers who wait until they're at the cashier to decide on their drink order.


    9. You've basically developed a sixth sense for detecting where the closest Starbucks is at all times.

    10. When it comes to your birthday and the holidays, your friends and family know that a SB gift card is always a perfect gift.

    11. You think people who order a tall are amateurs, and a grande isn't much better. Real Starbucks addicts are strictly here for ventis, or even *gasp* trentas.


    12. You've definitely made the mistake of ordering something as a "grande" or "venti" when ordering coffee somewhere that wasn't Starbucks.

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    13. Nothing gets you in the holiday spirit more then when you see the store get decked out for the holidays.

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    14. You're also always curious about any new drink they release...even if you don't ever stray from your regular order.


    15. You've resisted the temptation to put your trip to Starbucks on Insta Stories several times.

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    16. You know that if you're in a rush the best thing to do is order from the Starbucks app.


    17. And, of course, you always have to pay with the app 'cause you're all about the reward points.

    18. Which also means you're constantly adding money to the app.


    19. And finally, you're not ashamed to admit that your day doesn't REALLY start until you've gotten your Starbucks.