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    19 Memes That Are So Relatable Because We Have All Done Them

    You can't be living in 2018 without doing at least 3/4 of these!

    1. When you're listening to a song and all of sudden the lyrics start getting way too real:

    2. When Google Maps says you've arrived at your destination:

    3. When you have this panic-inducing moment at a public restroom:

    4. When you have trouble sleeping all night and this inevitably happens:

    5. When you're feeling your look and the mirror becomes your BFF:

    6. When you know the weather might be crap, but you think you have a 50/50 chance of not getting caught in it:

    7. When you stalk your Uber Eats order:

    8. Any time you're driving and this victorious moment happens:

    9. When you literally forget something immediately after you were told:

    10. When you're trying to budget and save money, but then have a "treat yo' self" moment when your direct deposit hits:

    11. Any time a YouTube ad pops up:

    12. When a couple gets into a fight and you're pretending to mind your own business:

    13. When you have this brain fart moment:

    14. When you try to sleep until noon and this happens:

    15. When you spend 13 hours lounging around doing nothing and somehow still feel super exhausted:

    16. When your bank account decides your Friday night plans for you:

    17. Any time you take an aspirin:

    18. When you realize you left your phone in the other room while you're on the john:

    19. And finally: