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    Updated on Nov 1, 2018. Posted on Sep 27, 2018

    19 Memes That Are So Relatable Because We Have All Done Them

    You can't be living in 2018 without doing at least 3/4 of these!

    1. When you're listening to a song and all of sudden the lyrics start getting way too real:


    2. When Google Maps says you've arrived at your destination:


    3. When you have this panic-inducing moment at a public restroom:


    4. When you have trouble sleeping all night and this inevitably happens:


    5. When you're feeling your look and the mirror becomes your BFF:

    6. When you know the weather might be crap, but you think you have a 50/50 chance of not getting caught in it:


    7. When you stalk your Uber Eats order:


    8. Any time you're driving and this victorious moment happens:

    9. When you literally forget something immediately after you were told:

    10. When you're trying to budget and save money, but then have a "treat yo' self" moment when your direct deposit hits:

    11. Any time a YouTube ad pops up:

    12. When a couple gets into a fight and you're pretending to mind your own business:


    13. When you have this brain fart moment:

    14. When you try to sleep until noon and this happens:


    15. When you spend 13 hours lounging around doing nothing and somehow still feel super exhausted:


    16. When your bank account decides your Friday night plans for you:


    17. Any time you take an aspirin:


    18. When you realize you left your phone in the other room while you're on the john:

    the_mermaid_lagoon// Instagram: @the_mermaid_lagoon

    19. And finally:

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