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    Posted on Oct 26, 2017

    19 Kris Jenner Memes That Basically Sum Up Everyone Who Is Trying To Adult

    Business mogul, reality star, momager, and queen of memes.

    1. On fiscal responsibility:


    2. On being domestic:

    E!/ Suckmykicks/

    3. On procrastination:

    4. On drinking:


    5. On modern technology:

    E!/ mytherapistsays/

    6. On handling emotions:

    E!/ youvegotnomale/

    7. On feeling your look:

    E!/ betches/

    8. On dieting:

    9. On meeting new people:

    E!/ /mytherapistsays/ Instagram: @mytherapistsays

    10. On making plans:

    E!/ charlotteg0van/

    11. On generosity:


    12. On online shopping:

    E!/ rubyarchercosmetics/

    13. On pettiness:

    14. On keeping your cool:

    15. On posting selfies:

    E!/ kardashianedition/

    16. On being startled:

    E!/ krisjennermemes/ Instagram: @krisjennermemes

    17. On protecting your loved ones:

    18. On texting:

    19. On self-motivation:

    20. On social media lurking:

    21. And finally, on life goals:


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