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19 Gloriously Bad Crimes Nicole Richie Committed Against Fashion

The early '00s were a rough time style-wise for the designer/fashion icon. But, then again, weren't they for all of us?

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16. Nicole probably dreads seeing the photos of her signature clashing highlights.

WireImage Mark Sullivan

I guess why have to choose between being a brunette, redhead, or blonde when you can be all three?

17. Of course being friends with Paris (at the time) probably didn't help. Who else do you think talked her into wearing matching Canadian tuxedos.

18. Or made them look like they raided Barbie's clothing donation bin.

Getty Images Frazer Harrison

You know even Barbie would be like, "Take it down a notch with the all the pink."

19. But there is one crime against fashion we can't blame on Paris: Uggs with denim mini-skirts!


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