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19 Giant Plot Holes '80s Kids Shows Left Unanswered

Like, um, why was Rio cheating on Jerrica with her alter ego, Jem?!

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1. How did the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles afford all that pizza they ate? They didn't have jobs!

CBS Television Distribution

2. How did Skeletor — and all the people of Eternia for that matter — not realize that He-man and Prince Adam (who is probably pretty well-known) are the same person?!

Filmation Associates

3. Had Gargamel eaten a Smurf before? He seemed to know that they were delicious.

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

4. Also, if he was able to create Smurfette, why didn't he just create more Smurfs so that he could eat them?

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

5. Speaking of creating Smurfs...where did Baby Smurf come from?! Smurfette had to be the mother, right?!

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

6. Why was Jerrica OK with Rio cheating on her with her alter ego, Jem?


7. Why was a 13-year-old Punky Brewster running a restaurant? Like wasn't school more of a priority?


8. Why were the Chipmunks human-sized?! All the other animals on the show (sans The Chipettes) were normal-sized.

9. How did Denver survive living in an egg for 100 million years?!

World Events Productions

10. What kind of freak accident was Inspector Gadget in that allowed him to be transformed into a cyborg?!

DIC Entertainment

11. How did no one realize Vicky was a robot?! Not only did she talk like one, but she also had super-human abilities.

20th Television

12. How were the Powells OK with college-aged Charles being in charge of two teenage girls?

NBCUniversal Television Distribution

13. What exactly happened to Webby's parents?! Clearly she wouldn't be living with her elderly grandmother if they were still alive.


14. Why did the kids on You Can't Do That on Television keep eating at the disgusting and very unsanitary Barth's Burgery?! Every sketch revolved around them getting food poisoning.


15. On Beverly Hills Teens, was Bianca's chauffeur, Wilshire, (who was in LOVE with her) also a teenager or was he older than her?!

DIC Entertainment

16. Did Evie freeze the entire world, or was it just people within a certain proximity?!


17. If the Care Bears are all about LOVE why was there a Grumpy one?! Seems very counterintuitive to their agenda.

Lionsgate Home Entertainment

18. Did the Muppet Babies live in an orphanage? None of them seem to have parents.


19. Also, WHAT DID NANNY LOOK LIKE?! And did she look human?! Or did she look like a Muppet human?!


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