19 Disney Characters That Could Have Looked Completely Different

    Your favorite characters are almost unrecognizable in these early sketches and concept art.

    1. Snow White

    The middle sketch of Snow White, with “pie eyes,” reflects much more the animation style of the era.

    2. Princess Aurora

    Auroa’s outfits are clearly a reflection of the time period when the film was made (the 1950s).

    3. Maleficent

    Maleficent certainly had a evolution in design. But, why in the hell does she have antennas?

    4. Cruella de Vil

    Cruella was originally envisioned to be sexy and much more younger looking.

    5. Ursula

    Sketches of Ursula, before they decided to base her appearance on the drag queen Divine.

    6. The Beast

    The Beast was a lot more wolf like in the sketch on the right.

    7. Belle

    A sexier Belle.

    8. Gaston

    The sketch of Gaston on the right, is from an early draft of the film that took place in 18th-century France.

    9. Aladdin

    The sketch on the left shows a much younger Aladdin.

    10. Jasmine

    The middle sketch of Jasmine seems much more inspired by Edgar Rice Burroughs' book, A Princess of Mars, than by an Arabic culture.

    11. Genie

    The Genie on the right is absolutely frightening!

    12. Pocahontas

    A sexier looking Pocahontas (didn't see that one coming).

    13. John Smith

    The middle sketch is totally giving off a Inigo Montoya vibe.

    14. Mufasa and Simba

    15. Pumbaa and Timon

    A sadder looking Pumba (almost Eeyore like) and a sassy looking Timon.

    16. Prince Naveen

    Some sketches of a suave looking Naveen.

    17. Tiana

    Surprise! Some sexy sketches of Tiana.

    18. Rapunzel

    These sketches show Rapunzel's freckles much more pronounced than in the final in the film.

    Also, the sketch on the right, is a SEXIER version of Rapunzel.

    19. Flynn Rider

    Flynn went through several stages of development; the middle sketch is based on Johnny Depp.