17 Christmas Decorations That Will Make You Feel Like You Need To Take A Shower

Who knew Christmas had so many phallic-looking decorations?

1. Ronald McDonald has McSpecial gift for you: It’s his dick in a box!

2. This elf can’t even keep his dick in a box:

3. Yikes! It looks like poor Santa was decapitated when he crashed through the ceiling of that Target:

4. The reindeer in the back is totally feeling like a third wheel:

5. With two eyes made out of coal. And a penis made out of chocolate?

6. This angel looks happy with himself:

7. I see candles. What do you see?

8. Um. This is just sooo creepy:

9. This reindeer carousel is casting some weird shadows::

10. Sometimes when you gotta go, you gotta go:

11. These two are just feeling the spirit:

12. This is not the image of Santa I needed in my head:

13. Christmas ornament or a close up of Santa’s sperm?

14. Is this supposed to be an ornament of Ebenezer Scrooge pushing Tiny Tim down?

15. Good grief, Snoopy looks pretty happy with himself:

16. At least Frosty is warming up his hands ahead of time:

17. Really, nothing says “Christmas” like teabagging Santa:

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