19 Cats Who Are Completely Over Christmas

Yes, they’re side-eyeing you for singing along to “All I Want For Christmas Is You” for the 13th time in a row

1. This cat who is totally thinking to himself, “Wow, this is such a Pinterest fail”:

2. This cat, who is totally pissed they photographed him from his bad-side:

3. This cat, who is totally thinking to herself, “Fuck my life”:

4. This cat, who is already plotting her revenge for this indignity:

5. This cat who, thanks to the lights, is having a catnip flashback:

6. This cat, who’s angry ‘cause he never agreed to share the Christmas card photo:

7. This cat who is thinking to herself, “Don’t you dare even try to drag me into a Christmas card photo”:

8. This cat who is totally done professionally with The Elf off the Shelf:

9. This cat who is thinking to herself, “I can’t believe you woke me up for this!”

10. This cat who is being more of a Grinch than jolly old Saint Nick:

11. This cat who is totally thinking to himself, “So you’re happy with yourself for doing this to me?”

12. This cat who is not really feeling this look:

13. This cat who really has no idea what the hell is going on:

14. This cat who just accepted defeat:

15. This cat who is ready to shred all those nicely wrapped Christmas gifts:

16. This cat who is thinking to himself, “You’ve got 10 seconds to get this off me or else you’re going to find a surprise in your shoe”:

17. This cat who won’t even hide the way she feels about her owner’s art and craft tree cutout:

18. This cat who was just like, “I’m OVER IT, so deal with it”:

19. And finally this cat, who is clearly thinking to himself, “I’m warning you now, you’d better sleep with one eye open”:

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