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    18 Wonderful Celebrity #TBT Photos You Should Definitely Check Out This Week

    A very fashion-y photo of Nicole Kidman in the mid-'90s kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

    1. Nicole Kidman took it back to 1995, with this GLAM photo that was part of a Vogue magazine shoot.

    2. Mandy Moore shared this photo of herself on her very first red carpet in 1999.

    3. Mariah Carey posted this photo of the artwork for her debut single, 1990's "Vision of Love".

    4. Cindy Crawford reminded us that in fashion everything that is old is new again, with her #TBT of herself wearing Birkenstocks with socks in the '90s.

    5. Kim Kardashian shared her 8th grade school photo.

    6. Naomi Campbell shared this classic photo of herself from the '90s.

    7. Kyle MacLachlan posted this brooding photo of himself from the mid-'90s.

    Thinking about coffee. #tbt to a shoot with Steven Meisel, circa 1995.

    8. Sofia Vergara shared this photo taken after she gave birth to her son, Manolo.

    9. Dolly Parton posted this gorgeous photo of herself from the '70s.

    10. Jamie Lee Curtis served up some oh-so-very early-'80s fashions with her #TBT.

    11. Josh Gad shared this pic of when he and Andrew Rannells co-starred together in The Book of Mormon.

    #tbt An oldie but a goodie. Our Spring Calendar audition photo. @andrewrannells wears it fractionally better but my body sells it more. #bookofmormon

    12. Kristin Chenoweth posted this photo of when she and Idina Menzel co-starred together in Wicked in the early '00s.

    Spring cleaning?! We've got you covered. #TBT @WICKED_Musical

    13. Natalie Portman remembered the time she sported a 'stache in the name of fashion.

    14. In honor of Mother's Day, Ronan Farrow shared this photo of himself alongside his mother, the iconic Mia Farrow.

    15. Nicole Richie shared this glam '80s photo of herself and her mother, Brenda Harvey.

    16. Halle Berry remembered when she was pregnant with her daughter Nala, a decade ago.

    17. Madonna shared this photo of herself as a baby being held by her mother, Madonna Louise. She also left a beautiful caption dedicated to her.

    18. And finally, Timbaland took it back to the late '90s, with this awesome photo of himself hanging out with the late Aaliyah, Missy Elliot, and Ginuwine.

    Gang Ⅹ Gang Ⅹ Gang. Throwback Thursday. @MissyElliott @Ginuwine #TBT

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