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18 Wonderful Retro Tokyo Subway Posters

These amazing posters, from the late '70s and early '80s, were delightful reminders of how to conduct yourself on the train. And now I want one of each, please.

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Translations for these awesome Tokyo subway manner posters provided by Pink Tentacle.

2. Superman (with quite the receding hairline) shows that the fastest way to get on the train is by flashing your pass.

5. Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator character, Adenoid Hynkel, takes as much space as he wants.

7. And if you've had too much to drink, Doraemon (dressed in his Santa costume) will wake you up if you pass out on the train.

13. Sometimes you just can't make the train -- as Cinderella learned the hard way.


(Poster circa 1977)

Reminder to passengers of the danger of trying to rush onto a train that is already departing.

18. Um.... this is just creepy. Will I die seven days later if I take that seat?


(Poster circa 1978)

Reminder to allow the elderly and mothers with small children to have priority seating.

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