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18 Wedding Photos That Were Vastly Improved By Photobombs

Everyone wants to make it their special day.

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1. This guy brought some Baywatch realness to this beach wedding.

2. The wedding photo to haunt your dreams.


3. Wait, is this couple being creepily stalked by an Elvis or John Tesh impersonator?

Photo courtsey of Jessica Gandy / Via

4. Let's be honest, this kid is doing what we all wish we could do at weddings.

5. The guy in the lavender shirt added so much needed sass to the shot.

6. Some men just want to watch the world burn.

Or destroy an obvious photo moment.

7. The couple in the back is clearly enjoying the view, among other things.

8. That embarrassing moment when you realize you weren't invited to be a bridesmaid.

9. At least the horse brought his A-game smile.

10. The photo that perfectly captured the moment when that tiger debated whether to maul them or not.

11. "Wassup, ladies?"

12. When helicopter parenting goes too far.

13. I really hope that person is wearing some sort of pants (or underwear).

14. The bridesmaid that let it be known how she really feels about this marriage!

15. This guy, who just realized that crowd wasn't there for him.

16. This poor kid walked into an already awkward photo shoot.

17. Sometimes you just really have to adjust the boys.

18. This couple got more of a view than they bargained for.

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